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    Does anyone know the statistical demand of the AF and Navy in terms of number of pilots needed? I hear the AF in the upcoming 5 years is reducing its UPT slot numbers because of budget cuts , etc. Is that true? And what about the Navy?
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    The AF will always need pilots, but before you start playing the numbers game have a conversation with yourself from a different perspective.


    To get UPT you will compete nationally with everyone in your yr group. Your GPA will be a player in this decision. Carry a 2.5 gpa and it is unlikely no matter how many UPT slots are out there you will get one.


    The AFA will always get the bulk and whatever is left over will got ROTC and OTS. If you really want the best shot than the AFA is the way to go not ROTC.


    You get UPT, there is no guarantee you will graduate or get the airframe you want, you could land up getting UAVS.

    The question you need to answer is what if I don't get a fighter, but a UAV will I still be happy?

    What if I bust UPT and they make me a maintenance officer, will I go insane watching someone else fly?

    You should always have that career aspiration, but more importantly your number one desire should be to serve in that branch in anyway they determine.

    Now once you have had that conversation and you come up with the answer of I want to be an AF Officer or a Naval officer, the amount of pilot slots will no longer matter, getting commissioned will be your number one priority.

    There is no way to predict how many they will need in 5 or 6 or 7 yrs from now . ...remember ROTC grads usually wait @ 9 mos+ to go to UPT so if you are graduating college in 16, that would 17 before you go to UPT. 6 yrs from now.

    The reason they can't predict is because they can't predict the economy. When airlines start hiring again you will see people leaving as soon as they can. Right now and for the past decade they haven't been hiring so pilots aren't leaving, they are taking that 6 figure bonus and staying until retirement....remember 1st chance to dive for pilot is at 11 yrs in (1 for UPT and 10 owed back). Take that bonus and you are in until @15. At that point you have 5 yrs left before you get 50% retirement pay for the rest of your life, might as well stay.

    If in 2015 they start leaving that means they will need quickly to start ramping up the number of pilots and the class that would get more than previous yrs would be 16.

    Hope that helps.

    OBTW to answer you about the number of pilots in the AF to the Navy. Easy way to see who has more before searching for data look at their mission.

    What is the AIR Force's 1st/main mission? Air!

    What is the Navy's 1st/main mission? Sea, not air!

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