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    Received a USAFA non-select letter in the slaughter of 21 April. My backup school is OU, AFROTC Detachment 650. I recently realized that OSU offers a better program for my course of study, but I missed the deadline for admission. Is it possible to transfer detachments after freshman year? At this point, I intend to go to OU and begin AFROTC w/Detachment 650, (Reapply to USAFA, in which case I won't have this issue), and transfer to OSU/Detachment 645 in my sophomore year. Will everything transfer?
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    Have you checked to see if you can do a transfer for spring semester freshmen year instead of waiting until Fall semester sophomore year. Two reasons why.
    1. Assuming you did not receive an HSSP scholarship, than you may impact the chances of Command support for an ICSP next year.
    2. You will be going up for SFT as an AS200 (winter). That means your new CoC will only have a few months to judge you. The CoC ranking is a big chunk of that score for selection.
    ~ Yes this years selection rate was 98%, last year it was 93%, but 2 years ago it was 58%, and you don't know what the rate will be like 2 years from now.

    The point is, the faster you get to OSU the better off you will be for ICSP and SFT selection.
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