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    I was and am under the imression that the Air Force Academy is the better choice for those looking to get a pilot slot, since a significant number of cadets go into flight careers. But, I just recently talked to someone from AFROTC, and he stated that AFROTC was an equal or better path to take when trying to get a pilot slot.

    This was his reasoning, he acknowledged that when competing for a slot in the AFROTC you are competing against a larger number of people, but he believed that the level of competition was far less, and it was easier to stand out when compared to the less qualified.

    He did recognize the Academy's high out put of pilots, but also made the point that you are competing witht the best of the best.

    So if offered an appointment to the AFA vs. a scholarship to a prestigious AFROTC program (EX: Perdue AFROTC) what would be the the best pass if UTP is the goal?
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    Academy of course!
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    I am an AFROTC Mom who has a DS that opted AFROTC over the AFA. He understood his chances of getting a pilot slot decreased from def to maybe when he opted this route.

    You need to understand how the system works.

    1. AFA gets the 1st pick.

    ~ They go to UPT before any ROTC candidate in that yr group.

    2. Dets some play the recruitment game of blowing smoke up your arse.

    ~ Example: ERAU will tell you they get the 2nd most UPT slots after the AFA. TRUE! Numerically they do, however, their det is so big that statistically they are not on par with other dets. VT has about a 20% higher rate than them. Number of cadets getting are smaller, but odds are what you should care about, not the number.

    3. BS about competition. Nobody in their right mind can tell you that an incoming freshman who wanted to go Intel will not change their mind over the next 3 yrs.

    ~Nobody can predict the pipeline for UPT 4 yrs out. All any of us can say is if you make it through the AFA and want UPT the best chances are AFA.

    Now, here comes AFROTC Mom.

    1. AFA has a 25% wash out rate. It is 4 yrs of living the life and maintaining grades. Hate Science, it is going to be your thorn for the next 4 yrs.

    ~~~AFROTC allows you to be that college kid and major in what you want. Don't like Physics/Calc and it is not a requirement for your scholarship or degree, you don't take it.

    2. If you are smart, you will remember and realize that your college gpa, ROTC experience, AFOQT, TCBM all play into the equation when you get your AFSC.

    ~~~You will fight for it! Your gpa, scores and rankings will always be on your mind! It will never end.

    3. You will understand you compete nationally against every other cadet for the UPT spot as a C300 (jr).

    ~~~ Go back to #2, all of that crap adds into your AFSC board. Highest score wins.

    I am not saying either is going to be better than the other, just saying if academically you are on par, want a tech degree, AF is the way to go for UPT chances.

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