AFA Vision DQ Question


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Sep 16, 2006
Well, it looks like we got past one DQ (knees) only to find out about another one hiding in the woodpile. Son's AFA website was just updated to show he was now "Commision Qualified" so we thought we on the way (already got Nom)! But today I found out that his stated "Commision Qualified" status is the lowest tier of Q's, and that since wants to be a pilot, that he might miss out on that because he does not have the higher "Pilot Qualified" rating (I hear Navigator Qualified is the the middle Q of the three).

I called DODMERB and they read me the "hidden" DQ info on his eyes (I say hidden 'cause it was not listed on his page on thier website). We had been told by his opt that all of the items were correctable, thus my question. Can someone attend AFA with a CQ and get moved up to PQ while there, i.e. with AFA supplied surgery? Or is it true that you can any get moved up ONE step, i.e. CQ-to-NQ, or NQ-to-PQ???


Refractive eye surgery is provided to select cadets/midshipmen at all the service academies whose vision falls within a certain range (I do not know what the requirements are). The CommQ, PNQ, PPQ ranges are only for USAFA, and they use this as an admissions tool. This is not used for the commissioning physical exam that is done during the junior year.

I hope this helps!

So the lower tier CQ rating might make it harder for him to get in, but once in, there's still a chance he could be selected for the eye surgery in his junior year and be upgraded to NQ or PQ?

Your son and mine attended SS, they were told there that if you want to go to pilot training they will waiver most eyesight issues. In the class of 2006, only one person did not get a waiver this person had -3.5 or worse.

Not everyone wants to fly, my son's classmate who went to SS with him says he doesn't.

I know a General in AF who is color blind and flying F-16s, he turned down going to graduate school because they would waiver that straight out of the AFA.

You are correct. I can't say if justawife is correct or not, as I have never been involved with AF aviaiton. I can say that Naval Aviation rarely, very rarely, grant vision waviers for aviation.
No wonder Navy pilots beat the Air Force guys in all the air-combat exercises. They can't see.:biggrin:
Currently there are few Nav slots in the AF. The AF has retired many of the older aircraft that have Navs/WSOs. The B-52s/C-141/KC-135 were the majority of the postions. So upgrading to NQ, won't get you much.

The best slots are F-15E WSOs.