AFROTC 2017 Field Training


Dec 1, 2014
Hi - just starting a thread to see if anyone has any info on the timing for when Field Training selections will be made. I think it was around early April last year - is it usually around the same time?
Straight from HQ-"PSP board results are scheduled to be released via WINGS on or about 23 Mar 17." 17 Feb is the last day for waivers and the board meets on 13 Mar so you have to be nominated by 1 Mar. We were briefed on EAs by our Colonel and the total number this year is ~1900.
~1900 EA slots sounds pretty low. 2014 was around 2200 and that was the standard for the previous years. Correct me if I'm wrong but last year was around 2600 slots with additional slots after EA selection. When we are in a personnel building situation I find it surprising with rumors of 7 MAX's and shortening of 18 days of FT that ROTC would have less EAs this year.
According to my cadre, the AFROTC Summer Field Training is now being renamed to LEAD (Leadership Evaluation And Development), and will project to have ~80% selection rate this year.
I wonder if the lower number is reflective of CSAF stating that they were upping the OCS numbers.