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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Troy, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    I am currently an AS250 in AFROTC. I contract my junior year. Recently I have been struggling with how I feel about the program and what would be the best course for my life to take. I am a finance major with a 3.445 GPA. I just don't know if I would be better off not in ROTC, pursuing a private sector career and working on the side ( Or reserves) and focusing on grades, then get a decent job out of college. OR, go through ROTC, and commission as an officer with a guaranteed job. I just do not know which I would be better off doing. Which offers more opportunity and which will put me in the best position 5 or so years out of college.

    Any advice as too what I should do?
    Ive considered doing ROTC getting a masters and then once my contract is up going to the private sector. But in this case I do not see where ROTC could help me financially because I am not scholarship and I heard it is very hard to get the Air Force to pay for a masters in Finance.

    So I wonder if I would be better off saving the time I currently spend in ROTC and using it to focus solely on grades and pursuing a job after college.

    Any thoughts? Questions? I am just trying to work through this, it is a big life decision. Thank you.
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    Here's a quick question.

    As a finance degree grad you will most likely go Accounting and Finance. Are you willing to spend 4 yrs at Mt. Home, Minot, Cannon, etc.?
    ~~~ Ever heard the jokes...Del Rio = He** Rio....OMG NO Alamogordo? Why Not MINOT, Freezin is the reason?
    Point is every base has A &F, and they all have O1s.
    ~ In other words not the bases everyone places as I must get to while I am ADAF unlike Hickam, Randolph, Eglin,, Elmendorf, Ramstein or Aviano ranks for AF members.

    That is the reality of the world you are walking into from this path. Every base has Accounting and Finance. Have you talked to A& F officers?

    However, flipside think about what you will be able to place on your resume when you leave.

    TA pays for 75% of your Masters, it runs concurrent, but chances are you will not finish your grad degree without extending your commitment. That is a huge plus

    How many 26/27 yr old applicants can say they were in charge of millions of dollars annually, with X amount of subordinates reporting to them?
    ~~~ There is something to be said about the responsibility you will gain, plus if you get a TS clearance, companies like Lockheed, BAH, SAIC, Raytheon, Rand will pick you up because of the TS.
    ~~ Additionally, you have the AF paying 75% for your Masters while you earn a paycheck.

    You have to decide whether you can live this life 24/7/365 days for 4 yrs in a place like Grand Forks.

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