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    I have looked everywhere and had no luck finding an answer to the following question. If you know that you are for sure going to do prep (self or Falcon) and reapply, if not selected for an appointment, should you apply for ROTC scholarship (as plan B) now or next year during reapplication?
    We were not sure that if offered a scholarship you could defer for a year or if you could apply the year after HS graduation.

    Thank you in advance for any insight on this topic.

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    The mods need to move this to the ROTC forums.

    No you cannot defer the scholarship. The board is awarding scholarships for fall 2015. If you do not activate and will have more than 30 credits, they will need to apply for the ICSP(In College). Right now he/she is applying for HSSP(HS)
    ~ Beware in the past four years they have canceled the ICSP 2x.

    Honestly, chances are if you are looking at prep as an option, scholarship might not be awarded.
    ~ Scholarships are best sitting SAT/ACT and the average for the lowest level is 1280. Again best sitting.
    ~ 80% are tech majors
    ~ It is a national board they don't care what state or college they are from or will attend.
    ~Selection rate is equivalent to appointments.@18% are awarded.
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