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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by MJP, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Our DS is applying for AFROTC and as I look at application, I don't see a requirement for any teacher recommendation letters. Is this correct or did I miss it?
    Also, how does one hear back after the pre-screen was submitted over two weeks ago? He created an account and can log-in. He's 3.5 and 1300 SAT at present and will take Oct SAT to look for any bump he can get.

    Thanks for any input.
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    I will answer part of the question. There are no teacher recommendations to deal with for AFROTC (or essays, for that matter). Not sure I understand your 2nd question, but when you log into the AF site, there is a box to the right that gives you a status.
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    Chud is correct when you log in there should be a box on the right to give you status.

    Remember that AFROTC does not do super scoring for SAT/ACT. 1300 is strong for a type 7, maybe a 2 depending on other factors. The 3.5 is where it comes into question without further details. Is it 3.5 uwcpa, all AP/honors on a 7 point scale with him being top 10% rank.


    Is it 3.5 uwcgpa, 3 AP/honors, 10 point scale and top 25%.

    One says he is taking classes that match, the other says he has the smarts, but is not pushing himself compared to his peers.

    Caveat: I do not know what the school profile looks like, aka how many AP/Honors, scale etc. Just giving an example how the SAT is only one portion of the section called PAR (Prior Academic Record). PAR is the bulk of the score. ECs, PFA. and PMS/ALO rec is the other portion

    Meanwhile, I also suggest he works out daily to max the PFA.

    Your next step will be an interview. If he is applying for the AFA also, many times the ALO will submit this instead of the PMS.

    You will not be scheduled for a DoDMERB exam, if you are AFROTC only, until the scholarship is awarded. If there has been any medical issues, especially after 13, start getting those records in order now. This is not about sniffles, it is about if even once he was prescribed an inhaler, broke a bone that required pins, à concussion, eyesight, etc. Many recipients get tripped up in this area. The first board results will be in Dec., by that time if a waiver is needed the queue waiting for the board to review will be longer. Having the appropriate records prepared can assist you with any remedial or waiver requested.
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