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    DS completed the online AFROTC application this weekend. The application identified 3 schools and 3 majors in priority order. Maybe I am mistaken, but I recall on a recent post on this forum that 5 or 7 schools were identified on the AFROTC application. Has the number of schools on the current AFROTC application been reduced, or do you have the opportunity to add more schools later if you are deemed a qualified applicant? Also, I understood that for AFROTC scholarships, you compete nationally for type 1, 2, 7 scholarships more so than schools (for approved majors with most slots going to technical). If you are given a scholarship, is it designated to a specific school based on your preferences or is it wide open?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I may be mistaken, but I do recall listing 5 schools I was applying to in order of priority when I first opened my portal. But when it became more in depth I think I could only choose 3. Yes it is national, you get what you get and then see which of your choice schools you can apply it to. The scholarship is not attached to any particular school, you can take it anywhere that fits the scholarship type criteria. Ex: If you get type-7, it must be an instate school unless you convert to a type-2 3 year. With a type-2 you can go anywhere in the country that's tuition is under $18,000, and type-1 has no tuition restrictions. I'm not sure if they even look at which schools you have listed until after one is offered, at least that's what I read on a post from a while ago. Then again maybe they do. My first choice was IS and I got a scholarship for IS. Those two might be related or they may not. Hopefully someone who knows for sure about that will chime in.

    While I can't recall for sure how many schools you can list on the initial application, I know that you can't list more than 3 schools in the later stages, they only ask for the top three you wish to apply the scholarship to when you accept the scholarship. If, months from now, your DS gets one and changes his mind about his top three, then there's nothing stopping him (except perhaps his scholarship type) from changing the order or putting down different schools on his list. You're just given 3 open spots to write down whichever schools your scholarship can apply to.
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    They do not look at the schools for scholarship awards, except for internal purposes.

    AFROTC scholarships are the only ROTC scholarship you can take to any college in their system.

    AFROTC is compromised of AD members, and due to that fact they PCS just as often as any other AD member. PCSing is not a 30 day deal typically. Traditionally it takes 6-9 months. They do not like to PCS ROTC staff during the yr., thus they want them all in place before the school yr starts...starting to see now why they want the list?

    If one det seems to being having an explosion of cadets on their list, than they may need to place more personnel into that area, vise a verse if one is not popular as yrs past, they may leave the position vacant to be filled later on.

    They also want to make sure that the college does offer AFROTC, and also the major intended.

    The only thing they place into the equation is the intended major to determine if it is tech or non-tech.

    One last thing, 5 yrs ago for DS it was 3, it very well could have been 5 last yr, and 7 two yrs ago. They can change yr to yr...look at SFT...TY they had
    Maxwell 6, LY they only had 5, 2 yrs ago they had 6. It had some to do with class size since only 100 more went, it also had to do with the fact that they felt the program ran better when they had 6 classes. In 10 it was like this yr., extreme heat, and the last class starts at the end of July, which we all know August is known as the dog days of summer. It also was an issue because cadets, like our DS returned from Maxwell and had to be at their school a few days later, creating stress.
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    Just a quick correction to NDD's post above. If you convert a Type 7 (4-year in-state tuition) to a Type 2 scholarship (3-year starting sophomore year, tuition capped @ $18,000), you can apply it to a university that charges more than $18,000/yr in tuition--but you pay the difference. Or, as in my son's situation, other aid received can make up the difference (university or outside scholarships, etc.).

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