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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by cpkousky, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    Today I had term counseling with one of the cadre at my detachment. She told me that there has been a recent change, and from now on if you apply for a rated slot, you are being considered for all of them. For instance, I am planning on applying for pilot, this means when my package is submitted, the board will consider me for RPA, CSO, and ABM as well.

    Anyone have any further input on this? How do they make these selections? Do they consider your preference, or do they choose whomever they feel is most qualified for the particular job (i.e. if I scored higher on the NAV part than the Pilot part on the AFOQT).

    Any thoughts/input is appreciated.
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    I would ask them. That ruled changed sometime ago so they probably know.

    My assumption is it will be an OML method. Highest wins their 1st choice and they go down the list. However, that is an assumption.

    If TY's numbers are like LY's I wouldn't worry about it because the rate was really high, somewhere the 90% marker. This would make sense for why our friend's DS that applied for the OCS rated board, he got CSO and was told it was because there were no pilot slots left.

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