AFROTC board dates


Jan 12, 2015
Does anyone know when the AFROTC selection board dates are this year? Last year, if I remember right, the first one was sometime in November and the last was in mid April.

Also, if I'm trying to make the first board, when will I need to get my application submitted? A member of the cadre at my local detachment said that it's best to get everything in during September so the interview can be scheduled before the board, but that seems a little early.
Also, on a semi-related note, the majors list in the HSSP portal only lists technical majors. The only non-tech option is "general studies." Is this just a blanket option for all non-techs?
It is a queue system which is why they are saying get it done early. IOWS it is First In, First boarded. Boards meet for X amt of days. If the pile has 2000 applications and they only get through 1800, than the next 200 will roll over to the next board. IE if you are number 1801 than you will not meet that board.

Additionally, AFROTC is not like A/NROTC, nor like the SAs. Nothing you do as a senior in HS, except SAT/ACT will count. Joining a club, taking APs don't matter to them. They only look at everything up to the last day of your junior year in HS.
~ AFROTC only does best sitting they do not super score.