AFROTC college program then NROTC 2-yr scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by katlvb21, May 4, 2012.

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    I will be enrolling at my local Community College this fall and am interested in pursuing a career as a United States naval officer. After completing my general-ed requirements/lower-division classes, I will transfer to a UC that offers NROTC; at present, my CC only offers a cross-town agreement with the AFROTC program. Would it be ideal to take part in the AFROTC college program then apply for a NROTC 2-yr scholarship? How time-consuming would the AFROTC program be? Will the experience of being in AFROTC give me an edge over other applicants when applying for a NROTC 2-yr scholarship? Would it even be realistic to do this?

    I understand that the Navy and Air Force may have different customs/regulations, but I am hoping that enrolling in the AFROTC program will allow me to gain some exposure to the military prior to joining NROTC.
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    I am sure the NROTC posters here will be able to guide you on how to do this.

    I only want to say that all ROTC programs require many additional hours weekly on top of your academic requirements.

    The issue I see is that as a CC student going to a Xtown det., is juggling the schedule. College students that do Xtown can go back to the dorm after PT and take a shower before heading off to class. You will have to go home and than head back to the CC. It may be a class scheduling issue for you. That can convert over to you taking the bulk of your classes MWF. That snowballs into having assignments and tests on the same days. If you can't keep up that will result in a lower cgpa, which will hurt you for NROTC OML.

    Additionally, in ROTC, cadets/mids have jobs within the det. These jobs will also require time away from academics on top of PT and LLAB.

    I am not saying don't do it, because I do believe there is a value in doing it, but you need to be honest with yourself regarding how much time it will take away from academics for a branch you have no desire to serve. Are you able to say that 6 hrs a week ROTC, plus 3 hrs in commute time to the det., is worth it if it means you will have to work your academic schedule to a point where the course load will stress you out because of AFROTC?

    The hardest part for Xtown cadets is they have to work in that travel time when it comes to class selection. Place that into your equation when scheduling classes next yr. before you decide anything. Be realistic regarding the travel time, in VA you will be traveling during rush hr. A 20 mile commute at 7 a.m. can be 60 minutes.

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