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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Packer, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I am not sure that I understand the basic process from AFROTC enrollment to commissioning. Hopefully somebody can clear things up for me. Below is the basics of how I think it works.

    Step 1: Join AFROTC do well in school, PFA, etc
    Step 2: Contract at beginning of sophomore year if on scholarship
    Step 3: Compete for a Field Training Slot for the summer after sophomore yr.
    (If you don't get a field training slot this is the end of the road for you?)
    Step 4: All cadets that completed Field Training may now contract
    Step 5: Complete junior and senior year and continue to do well.
    Step 6: Commision as an officer in a field of the AF's choosing which hopefully matches up with your desires.

    Am I close to right?

    Is the process any different at the SMC's where active duty is guaranteed?
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    Is the process any different at the SMC's where active duty is guaranteed?

    Yes. Field Training is not a guarantee, and you can't be sure you'll be getting an EA (field training slot) until you actually physically have one. This year had ~50% selection rate...and that's AFTER a lot of people dropped out after freshmen year/during the first semester. So getting an EA is no easy feat.

    If you don't get Field Training the first time around, you can compete for it again the next year, provided your det is willing to let you come back.
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    Is correct the big concern for you will be SFT. I would also add that your AFSC and PFT scores play into that equation along with your major.

    I would think by your class they will have worked out the issues re:manpower and they will be back to a much higher % for SFT. It really was 12, and 13, maybe 14 taking the hardest hits since they have too many in these yr groups. By the time 15 and 16 rolls around the amt will be down.

    Many cadets join as freshman with the hopes of getting an IS scholarship, when they don't get it they tend to leave in droves. Additionally, the AFROTC program is becoming stricter re: gpa and probation for not meeting the gpa, thus these cadets are leaving due to that factor.

    Good luck.

    On a whole your projection is correct, however, keep your eye on the 1st goal.

    1st Goal: Get involved in the det and get a job as a C100. That job will parlay into the next job, so on and so forth. PLUS good grades and PFT

    2nd Goal: Get SFT. If you achieved goal 1 goal 2 will be achievable.

    3rd Goal: Graduate SFT

    4th Goal: Continue to be active in the det.

    5th Goal: Apply for Career.

    6th Goal: Graduate

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