AFROTC did I ruin my chances?


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Jun 12, 2017
My junior year is coming to an end and I'm planning on starting the application process for AFROTC. My first-semester junior year, I managed to get my highest GPA ever accumulating of a 3.8. As my second semester is dialing down I am pretty upset. In honors chemistry, my first semester I got a C while the second semester I got a D. I was really trying my hardest to get it up but fell short of 1%. Did I ruin my chances of getting into the AFROTC program?
No. You may have hurt your chances of earning a 4YR Scholarship, however you can enroll in ROTC as a College Freshman regardless of your HS GPA. Once in college, only your college GPA counts. HS grades are only good for getting you into college or earning a 4 YR scholarship.
Congrats on getting your grade up in Chem! Good luck in AFROTC. My DS is one semester away from finishing college and the AFROTC program. It is a long yet wonderful journey! Enjoy!!
My daughter had a 4 year scholarship and then lost it (long story) and then was given a 3+ in-college scholarship. I remember very clearly on both cases they were wanting her ACT scores. So work hard on that, it's been like a magic golden ticket for many things.