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    So I know that enrollment allocations boards start meeting soon but that's all I know. Can someone enlighten me as to what that process looks like for a cadet and ultimately, when I will know whether or not I have an enrollment allocation?
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    The process is similar to the scholarship process.


    All go into the equation. You will meet a national board just like you did for scholarships.

    On top of that your AFOQT, and AFPT will be placed into the equation.

    They give you an overall score. Above the line for their allotted number and you go, below and you don't. AGAIN it is national.

    Your major will impact the pt score, but only to a point. 2.5 gpa engineering major is not going to get you over the line against a 3.4 gpa non-tech.

    The way the AFROTC system works, is AFSC (C300) find out 1st, than the SFT comes out.

    I believe last yr our DS found out board results in March.

    Be prepared to go fast and furious after the results are announced.

    Things to be prepared for are:

    Physical and updated shots

    Bag drag
    ~~~ This will be from binders to sunscreen to socks. The list is long, so if you are OOS start talking to the C300's on what they needed for the bag drag.
    ~~~The list is large!

    Good luck!

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