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    Good Evening all,

    I just had a quick question about my chances of getting an EA for Field Training this year. I have a Cum 3.19 Gpa, this last semester I got a 3.6 Gpa.
    Im worried because i am a walk on 250. However I also got a 89 on te PFA and was the flight leader for my AAS canidate class ( I am now in AAS). Im just wondering if I have any cahnce to get an EA.
    Any help you can offer would be great.
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    I would think you have a good shot. AAS will help because it is an EC to belong to this organization, however, it is not the same as being in a leadership position in AFROTC.

    What did you get on the AFOQT?

    The way they do this is you will get X% of points for PFA, AFOQT, GPA, rank in the det (not C250, but the class rank), commanders and rec and a few other things.

    Your best bet is to actually sit down with your leadership and ask where you rack and stack in the pick compare to other cadets.

    It is not easy to say yes or no based purely on the gpa. Just like scholarships; majors and school profiles will be added into the equation. 3.19 gpa is strong, but there is a difference of a 3.19 in AERO engineering at MIT and a 3.19 at GMU in business.

    Additionally schools like ERAU are very competitive due purely to the size of the det. It is more difficult to get the commander's number 1 pick there than if you go to a smaller det. However, the problem with a smaller det is there is less to put on your resume. I.E. small det and you could be number 1 pick, but your job is to train 15 cadets, larger det you could be top 10, but you have 30 cadets reporting to you.

    I would say the 89 on the PFA is something you should try to increase for the future. You really want to be in the strong 90's come next yr because when you become a 300 that is when you will meet your AFSC board, and that score is counted for selection.

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