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    Hello everyone,

    First off I am a current college freshman and I am about to start AFROTC next semester as a sophomore.

    In my first semester I was a tech major (computer science) and I ended up failing one of the classes. That class completely killed my gpa and I ended up getting a 2.4 that semester. I then changed my major to political science and I should get around a 3.5 this semester. However that still will only raise my cpga to around a 2.8.

    I'm gonna try my hardest to get my cpga above a 3.2 by the end of my sophomore year, and I'm pretty positive I will be able to max out the PFA.

    Realizing that I will have a non tech major and probably a non competitive gpa. Will I even have a chance at getting selected for field training?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    If you look good in the eyes of your Commander, meaning you have solid PFA, AFOQT, relative ranking and so on, you have a solid chance of getting picked up if the rate stays the same. That's the million dollar question though, will the rate the same.
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    There was a 96% percent acceptance rate this year for Field Training. I can't imagine it will be lower next year. Even way below avg. cadets are able to go.
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    Sorry, but that made me chuckle a little (no offense) because I have been here long enough to see the ebb and flow. Class of 16 had 55%, class of 17 had 93%. On top of that, I believe it was the class of 14 that had a selection rate of in the 90% for SFT came to find out during their senior yr that OOPS ADAF had too many coming on line as O1s and told them that if enough did not walk, they would have to hold a RIF board.

    The point is Big Blue has a number they want to commission for each year group and there are many moving pieces. I.E. the class for 19 maybe much larger than 18s, and that means the selection rate will drop. USAFAs number also impact AFROTC since they too will commission in the same year group, thus if their retention rate is higher than expected it will mean less AFROTC slots. Finally, derek 44 posted an article regarding ADAF current push...opening up the OTS valve. The numbers coming down via the Maxwell OTS pipeline will be a lot more (hundreds) than in previous years.

    Not trying to be Debbie Downer, just saying that nobody here is in the know. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Honestly, I get the stress, but this is nothing compared to what ADAF will be like. Control what you can.
    1. Max that PFA
    2. Study the AFOQT during the summer
    3. Get a jump start on your fall semester studies. You will know your course load will be for the fall. Instead of visiting forums like this, google the classes and you should be able to find practice exams and materials on line. Just a few hours and you can at least enter the classes with an academic foundation. In turn, that means you will hit the ground running to get that cgpa up and if you have a job in the det., your grades will suffer less.

    If you do all 3 than your CoC will see the change and even if they go back to a 75%, you will be fine.
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