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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Bf1310, Jun 14, 2016.

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    What was the acceptance rate for Field Training this year? Is there any idea of what the acceptance rate will be next year in 2017?

    I saw something online that said the Air Force has a sever shortage of pilots. It seems it would make sense to accept more cadets that are competing for rated positions.

    Does anyone think this will affect the acceptance rate for FT in the next few years?

    Here is the article
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    I wouldn't start guessing now about anything. The trend is that more people are getting picked up for FT but it all depends on the needs of the AF.
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    For FT. It is expected that acceptance rates will remain high. Still go 100% though in everything you do, because that can change, and you dont want to be stressed over whether or not you get an EA.

    As for the shortage, I doubt there will be more slots opening up. This year commissionies wont by going yo UPT/ENJJPT till April/May 2017. The pipeline will have to get bigger before more slots come down, and that takes a lot more than just taking in more people. That means more instructors, more planes, more squadrons, etc.
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    I would also remind people that Big Blue has already announced AND started to implement the OCS pipeline increase. I seem to recall that they were going to give 250 slots to OCS candidates. It is a huge increase in numbers. Basically, that number would basically be the amount sent to ENJJPT annually. I am not saying they are all going to ENJJPT, just giving perspective of how many more are coming down from the OCS side than from years past and that can also impact the pilot drop from ROTC.

    I am not saying it will impact the future classes for ROTC, but as noketchup stated there is alot more that goes into the equation than just opening the flood gates with more pilot slots for ROTC cadets. I don't see Big Blue opening more UPT bases or buying more T1, T6, and T38s.
    ~ In fact the spigot has been running at 110% for years now.

    It is also not just UPT getting more planes and manpower. It is the airframe school houses. Open up UPT to more slots while not opening up more slots at a schoolhouse for that airframe will just equate to a back log at the school house.

    Additionally, although the AF has a severe shortage now, they have known that this would be occurring for years. Airlines are hiring at a faster pace than they have for over a decade. Short reason why is because they did not hire a lot since 9/11. Their pilots are now reaching the FAA max age rate, thus creating a vacuum for them. However, eventually the airlines will slow down and pilots will stay because a 6 figure bonus is hard to walk away from when the airlines are not hiring as fast. The media reports have stated that this frenzy will be until @ 2020 at the latest. That means if this is true those winged almost 5 years ago may be staying at a higher rate than previous years due to airline opportunities. Approx. the same time the class of 2018 will wing.

    That is the military. If the economy is doing great (airlines in this case) you will see retention rate drop. When it is not great, you will see retention rate increase. Happened in the 90's. Happened after 9/11. Happened in 2008. All years where the AF did RIFs, SERB, etc.

    If you want a pilot slot, not a CSO, RPA or ABM the only suggestion besides giving 100% on everything, including studying for the AFOQT, is to get flight hours. It has become a trend for ROTC cadets and will have an impact on your PCSM.
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    Like the others have said, it takes a long time for the big machine to start turning. The bottleneck for pilots is the training and they are working on it. 100% on everything is the way to go because...well....good luck without it. Study, keep the grades up, and stay fit. The rest is in the hands of the AF.

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