AFROTC Forms Email?


Sep 2, 2016
Today, I submitted the online portion of the AFROTC application. On it, I only had to fill out basic personal information and list the schools I wanted to attend through the scholarship and acknowledge a bunch of statements about drug use and conscientious objection. After submitting the form, there is nothing left for me to do on the website. The AFROTC website says the application should send me an email with all the with all the required forms "no later than July 10", but it says the online application that I completed is open until 1 December. I still have not received the email. Is the "no later than July 10" a typo, or did I miss a deadline? I don't see how that could be possible if the online app is open so much later.
You should be getting an email with all the other information/forms the next day (I submitted my initial application last Thursday, got an email with all the info on Friday).