1. W

    How likely am I get an AFROTC scholarship?

    This fall I will be a high school senior. I am not particularly concerned about my academics, I am a little concerned about my fitness, and I am very concerned about my leadership experience. I have a 1410 on the SAT, although I am scheduled to take it again in September and I have gotten...
  2. ThePilot18

    AFROTC HSSP Highly Desired Majors... Why?

    It's common knowledge that AFROTC scholarships are usually awarded to people taking "technical majors" ( I assume this means Big Blue has a shortage of people with those degrees, but what I'd like to know is this: if somebody is looking to...
  3. I

    AFROTC/NROTC - Careers out of Electrical Engineering

    I've searched this forum and found a lot of incredibly helpful peers and intuitive lines of questioning so I figured I'd shoot my own, Thank you for your time and consideration. I am currently 26 and enrolled at a local college, in order to transfer to one of my state colleges for Electrical...
  4. D

    AFROTC waiver for an IEP, that has had little impact on my academics.

    Hey, sorry for another one of these questions, but I haven't found a forum regarding my question, so here I am. So I have an IEP, it's just for extra time in class and that's it. I haven't ever needed medication for it, and I haven't used the accommodations in a year. My high school GPA was a...
  5. ThePilot18

    AFROTC & International Question

    Hi all, I'm a junior in high school, prepping to apply for an AFROTC scholarship (opens in June). But I will be living in Mexico by then (long story short: U.S. State Dept. reasons, and yes, it will happen). Anyone know how that changes things at all? As in, for the interview, or application...
  6. flyblu

    Some advice for AFROTC cadet

    Good evening all. So, I am currently only taking Aerospace Studies class at my detachment and not Leadership Lab or PT. I was dropped from the Spring semester after trying AFROTC for 7 weeks. It was a very difficult time for me with so much on my plate, and I was a first time college student...
  7. Senor_

    AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship Inquiry

    I have recently received a Type 7 Scholarship from AFROTC, my selected schools were Embry-Riddle in Daytona, Florida as well as Embry-Riddle in Prescott, Arizona. As I was offered a Type 7 Scholarship (Covering only Public Institutions), I am confused as Embry Riddle is considered a Private...
  8. F

    Retake AFOQT?

    I am currently an AS100 in an AFROTC program who is looking to go rated and compete for a pilot slot. I just got my AFOQT scores back. I got a 79 for Pilot on the AFOQT. My FA score is 97. Current GPA is 3.4 (Technical Major). I have 0 flight hours but am going to try to get 10-20 over the...
  9. R

    AFROTC Results Question

    I just received my scholarship for Air Force ROTC (Type 7). My stats were 35 ACT (36 E, 35 M), 3.96 UW GPA, 10:30 1.5 mile, average sit-ups and push-ups (don't remember exactly, good leadership (moved half-way through high school), and a solid interview. My top 5 schools didn't include an...
  10. flyblu

    Hello! New Cadet!

    Hello, So, I wanted to update y'all of what happened to me. As some may remember or maybe none, I was asking questions about AFROTC. So, I couldn't join two years ago or last year because of academic challenges. However, I kept going and now I'm a new cadet of the Spring semester. I love the...
  11. kevs

    Steps after receiving AFROTC Scholarship

    I have completed my AFROTC scholarship application, including the interview and am now awaiting a decision. On the AFROTC website it states, “If you receive a scholarship offer, you will be required to complete and pass a medical exam and meet Air Force ROTC physical requirements in order to...
  12. hbrady

    ROTC Interview Tips

    Before my NROTC Interview I was looking through the forums for any advice I could find. Most threads weren’t up to date and there wasn’t a lot of information about what women should wear for the interview, so I thought that I’d drop my two-cents here. Interview Tips Be overqualified This may...
  13. M

    AFROTC Foreign Language offer

    Hello, I'm super excited to have been offered a 4 year type 7 AFROTC scholarship. However, I'm slightly confused because I believe I listed Japanese as my second choice major to a non-tech business major. Is the scholarship transferable to a non-tech? Is there a list of schools that where I can...
  14. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    Hi all, I was looking at which majors the Air Force considers "technical" (and thus, priority will be given to them as far as AFROTC high school scholarships go). I noticed that there are honestly not many degrees it has listed, in my opinion. My question is, given these majors...
  15. B

    Prior Marijuana Usage

    Around a year ago, I applied for USAFA. On the DoDMERB I took at the time, they asked about prior marijuana usage. I put no, as that was the truth at the time. However, I did not get into the Academy. After that I did not have a desire to reapply for USAFA after and thought that was the end...
  16. E

    Applying for more than one ROTC

    Hello! I might try to apply for both the Air Force and Navy ROTC high school scholarships. If I do this, should I apply for both at the same time?
  17. ThePilot18

    Civilian Internships While in AFROTC?

    Hi, As many of you know, lots of engineering majors require you to complete a civilian internship as part of the course. My question is, can I do both AFROTC (possibly on scholarship) and an internship in my junior year of college? (For example, a degree in Manufacturing Engineering requires a...
  18. M

    Chances at AROTC and AFROTC Scholarships

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading a lot of the previous posts and thought I would start my own. Any replies, advice, and/or constructive criticism would be much appreciate. I have just completed the AROTC application and interview this coming week, I also plan on...
  19. 2

    AFROTC Type 1 Received!!!

    Woohoo! I just received notice from HQ AFROTC that I have been offered a Type 1 AFROTC scholarship!! I am so excited and want to thank all of you guys and gals on SAF who answered my questions and provided some incredible advice on the process.
  20. L

    Chances at AROTC or AFROTC scholarship, and advice?

    SAT: 1390 (720 Reading, 670 Math) GPA: 3.93 unweighted AP Classes: By Junior year: 3 AP classes. If senior year counts (I don't think it does?) then make it 5 AP and 2 dual enrollment classes Leadership/Extracurricular: Pretty much nothing. This has been a major source of stress for me. My...