1. J

    Daughter asked to complete DODMERB in first month of college/AFROTC

    Daughter is in AFROTC in freshman year of college. Was in JROTC in HS. Has now been asked to do DODMERB. Any ideas why? Should she discuss this with instructors?
  2. L

    AFROTC ICSP 2019

    The ICSP was suspended last spring because of lack of funds. Does anybody have any information if this scholarship will be reinstated for the fall semester. I have tried to get a hold of detachment 157 at ERAU but no luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    Chances for AFROTC (or other) Full Scholarship without much athletics?

    I have never participated in a varsity sport and my only physical extracurricular is martial arts. I originally did Krav Maga for a couple years and now am in my second year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am entering my senior year of high school and will be applying for ROTC scholarships this year...
  4. U

    Advice/Thoughts/Negative Advice-ROTC

    So, first and foremost, Hello to all who will be reading this post. This post is pretty much about my story and thoughts on what anyone thinks. To start, I must remind you all that nobody is perfect and we all have made decisions that we are not proud of, but to contradict that statement, I do...
  5. V

    AFROTC Type 1 CICS Scholarship Questions

    Hello all! I am a college freshman that just finished up my first year and yesterday I received word that I was selected for a type 1 AFROTC CICS (commanders in-college scholarship). I had a meeting with my detachment's NCO's but I didn't get all of my questions answered because they weren't...
  6. S

    RPI AFROTC and The Arch

    Hello everyone! I’m an incoming freshman at RPI doing AFROTC, and I was wondering if anyone knew how exactly students selected to continue in AFROTC would be able to do field training during their sophomore year summer, as well as the newly mandated Arch program. I understand that some...
  7. E

    Any reason to put an deposit on plan b?

    In the spirit of “you don’t know, what you don’t know”, is there any reason to put a deposit down for a plan b, which is a state university with a type 7 AFROTC scholarship? My DS has been accepted at USAFA and cleared by DoDMERB. Just not sure if there are anymore “hurdles” to jump but also...
  8. T

    AFROTC 3 year scholarship chances

    Hi, right now I am a senior in high school, and unfortunately I wasn't chosen to receive either the nrotc or afrotc 4 year scholarship, but I still want to do one of them in college. At this point I am still on the fence about which branch to choose, they both appeal to me for different reasons...
  9. M

    Electrical Engineering in the Air Force

    I've recently received my form 53 on which I specify my desired AFSCs and locations (top 6 of both). I'm an electrical engineering student (3.5 GPA) in my junior year. I don't want be doing research at Wright-Patt, which is what I hear is pretty common. My ideal situation is to be stationed...
  10. M

    Best ROTC route for becoming a fighter pilot? (AFROTC VS NROTC)

    Hi, I plan on doing ROTC and really have my heart set on fighters, so I'm wondering if NROTC is a better choice to ensure a fighter slot because of the limited number of heavies the navy has? My understanding after talking with a family friend was that doing AFROTC will increase my chances of...
  11. H

    Injury Before Starting ROTC

    I recieved a type 1 AFROTC scholarship for starting at my dream school this fall. Life is great. Except... I have this bucket list trip idea to take a week(s) long adventure (ADV), offroad, dualsport, camping small motorcycle adventure through a part of the Trans America Trail (not alone) early...
  12. U

    ABET Certified Requirement?

    My DS is a freshman on a Type 1 scholarship at an Ivy. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to do so, but would like to double major in Russian (another AFROTC desired major). He is being told by his unit that a BS in Mech E is not sufficient; he must get the ABET Certified...
  13. A

    AFROTC Civil Involvement

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and wanted to hear your opinions/advice: So here's the story, I'm currently an AS200 contracted scholarship cadet and had two incidents with the police but was not given any citation. First was the May of 2018 (end of school year) where I was moving out of the...
  14. E

    Plan B?

    Saw an interesting post on the USNA forum and thought it would be great to pass the time waiting for USAFA appointments. I would love to know what all of these amazing candidates have as Plan B options! My DS has a type 7 AFROTC to UCONN in Mechanical Engineering so far. Still waiting on...
  15. D

    Going out of State on a Type 7 AFROTC

    Hi All, I recently was awarded a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship. I am from NC and I am an engineering major. I am really only looking at two schools, NC State and Clemson. I just visited Clemson for the second time, and now I really want to go there. I have heard that they can grant In-State...
  16. M

    Did I miss the chance to go rated?

    I'm a 300 level (Junior in college) cadet in AFROTC. I graduated field training in the top 3rd with a rated slot but ultimately told my commander that I wanted to do engineering so I didn't actually go for a rated position. As rated boards are coming out, I am regretting not going for it. While...
  17. I

    What to do until EAD? AFROTC

    I'm a senior in Air Force ROTC, and I'm commissioning this upcoming May 2019. I got a pilot slot which is very exciting of course, but my EAD isn't until March 2020, so I have 10 months to fill, and I have no idea what to do until that date. I've been applying for jobs and all that, but it's not...
  18. O

    Type 2 AFROTC Questions

    Hello Everyone! I was just awarded a Type 2, 4 Year, Technical Major Scholarship by the US Air Force. I was wondering if anyone had any information on colleges that might match the scholarship for the rest of tuition. (18000 is very helpful but it still leaves a lot of debt.) For example, I...
  19. TeddyPlus4

    Feb AFROTC HSSP Board

    I believe board started on Feb 11. If results are consistent with December results, portals may start to be updated today or early next week.
  20. flyblu

    How to stay focused during AFROTC?

    Hello, So, I will be a Freshman in college in the Fall. I was wondering if any of you have in staying focused on both college and ROTC. Also if you have any tips to in staying mentally strong because I tend to get a bit down/low at times. Thanks.