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    I have a variety of questions about AFROTC. I was hoping someone might answer them! Thank you in advance.

    1) I'll be attending Georgetown University in the fall as a Arabic major. However, Georgetown only offers AROTC, and I'd like to go into the Air Force, so I'll be doing it crosstown at Det 130, Howard University. Are crosstown students at a big disadvantage? As an Arabic major, I know Georgetown will be very rigorous, and I know ROTC is about more than just PT and classes + Leadership Lab. It's also about getting to know your fellow cadets and your cadre, participating in events, etc.

    I won't have a car with me, so I'll be relying on DC's public transportation. Any insight or tips about this?

    2) Does anyone have experience with Howard University's AFROTC detachment? I can't find much information about it online. I'll be doing AFROTC no matter what, I'm just curious and itching to know more.

    3) At Georgetown, foreign language majors are required to spend at least a semester abroad. Will this disqualify me from ROTC? Is there a way I can "double up" on classes one semester so I can study abroad the next?

    4) How can I prepare myself for AFROTC in the fall? I'm running every other day and doing upper body/core workouts for physical preparation. What else can I do?

    Thank you for your time.
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    1. Buy a metro smart card. Howard is in DC and so is Gtown, you will be fine regarding Xtown. Smart cards are like easy passes. You can place X amount of money on it, and re-load at any time using debit or credit cards.

    2. Contact Howard's det.

    ~Just my guess, but I bet it is small. Det 330 is at UMDCP, and GMU goes there instead of Howard. UMDCP NROTC mids go to G'town. UMDCP AROTC is bigger than AFROTC/NROTC.

    3. It will not disqualify you at all if you go abroad. Just plan the timing and keep the det informed regarding your academic needs.

    4. Train in all types of weather, if it is raining, run. If it is hot run! If you are tired, don't hit the snooze button. Run in the heat of the day. Run at 5 a.m.

    The last thing you want is to do your PT test at 6 a.m. after going to bed at 1 because you were hanging out in the dorm with friends. My sneakers had no traction due to rain will not be accepted, same with I am tired, had to commute here, but at least I showed. No excuses should be your motivation!

    I would also suggest butterfly kicks. Also different forms of push ups, including side.

    Good luck. Aim High, above all!

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