AFROTC Interview Question


Nov 30, 2016
I had completed my AFROTC scholarship application about a week ago and received follow up that I would be contacted by the local ROTC dept. in order to schedule an interview. The dept. followed up with me yesterday saying I would need to come in to fill out some paperwork, but wouldn't need to complete an interview because they had records showing I had already completed my interview with USAFA and wouldn't be needing to do another one with them. I was under the impression though that AFROTC and the AFA don't share much information with each other, so I wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?
AFROTC and USAFA do not talk regarding boarding candidates. HOWEVER, AFROTC requires an interview just like USAFA and only specific people can do the interviews...ALO being 1 of them. My DS never interviewed for the scholarship at any ROTC det. HQ just submitted his ALOs rec as the formal paperwork.