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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by coldharbour, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Hi all, I am wondering how AF JAG works, and if I can do ROTC in college and pursue a law degree afterward so I can become a JAG. What is the best way to become an AF JAG? I understand that becoming a JAG especially in the Air Force is difficult, but I have no doubt that becoming a lawyer is my true calling and that I would truly make an outstanding one.
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    The program is very competitive, but the most important thing to realize is a couple of things.

    1. You must do 2 yrs AD before being eligible, you can apply until yr 6.
    2. Your Wing commander must support you and agree to release you for law school.

    It is good to have this as your goal, but for current purposes you need to determine what you want to do for the 1st 2 yrs AD. That is your only priority. We discuss a lot about the pilot pipeline slowing down, nobody knows if in 7 yrs if the AF will still have this program, or if it will remain in the manner it is currently operating. 10 yrs ago, nobody would have said in ADAF that the majority of Dentists on base would be contracted, but that is what is occurring now. Nobody would have said that retirees were going to be told that they are no longer accepting new retirees at the base hospital, but again, that is what is occurring.

    Always have a Plan B, because the only guarantee anyone can give you is you will serve ADAF for at least 4 yrs.

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