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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ary, Nov 15, 2014.

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    What officer careers do you think would best be useful after service in the civilian workforce? Best for business major? I still don't know what I'm interested in in the Air Force, the ones I am looking at are Acquisition Manager and Logistics.

    Also, what are thoughts on enlisted vs officer?
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    Almost any career that is non rated will work for a business major because every job will have you in a managerial role and deal with budgets.

    Go with a career you will enjoy for the four years you will owe back not the what may help me later aspect. Think about it, in the corporate world you can quit your job anytime during those four years if you don't like it. In the AF you cant.

    I am not sure why anyone with a college degree would enlist instead of entering via OTS. The pay alone is a significant difference, and it is not just the base pay, but also for housing.. Additionally, from a management perspective companies will want the candidate that was in charge. An enlisted member will eventually be in charge, but that will only be for the enlisted troops, they will still have to report to the officer.
    ~ The higher you go in corporate world the less of importance will be your degree for undergrad, it will be your grad degree AND your previous employment experience. Hence, nothing against enlisted troops, but if there is one job opening and both candidates are prior military and in the same career specialty, which one do you think they will hire if all else is equal? I am willing to bet it would be the officer. The officer will say he lead X amount of troops. The NCO will be at least one less...him, the NCO because he reports to that officer.
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    I'm an accounting major and if you are into that side of the business field look up 65FX Financial Management Officer. That's what I will be shooting for if I don't make the rated boards when/if the time comes. Take some accounting classes and see what you think. It's a great skill to have because it really helps you understand the language of business.

    Edit: Plus, to be able to take the CPA exam you need 150 credits. That's one extra year of school in either high level accounting courses or working on your master's. For the AF that master's degree is critical. That means you can already have a head start going in as a 2nd Lt.

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