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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Packer, Apr 11, 2011.

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    AFROTC applications for next year are getting close to opening. Am I correct in the interpretation that applicants take the PFA as part of the application process and if they are awarded a scholarship they must then take the PFT in order to activate it?
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    I believe you are correct. My DS had to test to get the scholarship, then had to test during the first semester of his freshman year to activate it.
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    Granted I havent been through the process since 2007/08, but we did have to take a physical assessment during the application process. It was a mile run, max pushups in a minute and max situps in a minute. It wasnt an official PFA like you would take once in AFROTC.
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    It is true you take it twice, once to get the scholarship and once to activate it.

    The problem most cadets face is that the PFT at the det is much more intense than the one you take in hs. It is the same, but the reason it appears more intense is the cadre runs it, not your coach or ALO. They are hard on you when it comes to sit ups and push ups. Kids who max in hs may score only 94-95 at the cadre because they did not have the proper form. What your coach counted as a push up may not meet the std to be counted for ROTC. Thus, you stressed your body out and wasted time lowering your score and energy for the next portion.

    It is important to continue working out to that test even after you apply for the scholarship. Believe it or not there is always 1 cadet that fails the PFT because they either never practiced it after taking it, or they had the form wrong to such a degree that they struggled. Download the proper form and be true to it. Don't take the easy path.

    This is one area where you have complete personal control over. It is not subjective. Do X amount, awarded X points. You do not want to get the TWE because you were 1 point short, and then realize that 1 point came from the PFA was not maxed. It happens, and in these days with more competition, it appears to be very close in the point scores from Type 1 to 2 to 7. That 1 point matters. That 1 more sit up, 1 more push up can take you up and over the hump.

    OBTW practice it as given in all forms of weather. Do it in the rain, do it in the heat, do it in the cold, do it in humidity, etc, because you can't turn and say will I scored bad because it was raining. When you get to ROTC they don't delay the test because it is raining. They will do it at FT too, Maxwell Ala. in August at any hour is going to hot and humid. Even running will feel like you are burning your lungs.

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