Afrotc pilot select c/o 2015 IFT/training date

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by conceredcitizen, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    I am a pilot select c/o 2015 and was wondering if anyone knew when we would get our training dates? I have friends going to ENJJPT anf they have their training dates and EAD already. Should I expect to get my training/ initial flight training date before I EAD or after?

    Thanks all!
  2. John Patrick

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    Post this question in the airwarriors forums. Someone there will probably be able to give you the information your looking for.
  3. Zero

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    You should get them at the same time, i.e. your EAD date then your IFS date, with of course a upt start date subject to change. And, yes Sheppard does not seem have the problems that the rest are having, looks as if they scheduled better.
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    Sheppard may not have the problem because they have only 8 (?) classes a year instead of 14 (?) for the other bases. I believe Sheppard wings @190 students annually compared to over 300 at the other 3. ENJJPT typically only drops fighters/bombers, those school houses may not be backed up as much as heavies. The latest drops show that out of the 3, maybe 3 or 4 at each base are getting fighters from the 38 track. 15+ are going T-1s.

    Additionally, if you read kevsters post he stated he had his UPT class start date, but due to issues, (guessing class size was too large) they have been washing the students back to a later class. I think he stated his start date has been pushed back 3 times already and is now standing steady for November.

    Big Blue may decide that c/o 2014 is so backlogged right now that they can't really predict c/0 2015. If kevster is not going to start his UPT class until 18 months after commissioning and 9 months after IFT, I would bet you should not expect to start UPT for at least 15 months after commissioning. Typically the way it works is USAFA grads will always go before ROTC (in their commissioning year group) and they have to slide in the OCS students too, plus Guard and international students.
    ~ They only have so many IPs and airframes to push them through. Plus they also have a budget to adhere to for the FY. If they go through it by 9/1 than no flights occur until 10/1. It is a lot of pieces in a puzzle that they have to deal with.

    I am with Zero, even if they give you a UPT start date, I would expect that it might change at least one time. You also are making an assumption that ENJJPT isn't doing what Laughlin, Vance and Columbus are doing with pushing back. Just because they have their orders and a start date doesn't equate to it staying in place once they get there. Orders are typically cut 6-9 weeks prior to report. The way your post reads is you have yet to receive your orders.

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