AFROTC "Priority" Majors?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by millardz, Nov 29, 2015.

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    I read this on the AFROTC Website:

    The most highly desired majors for AFROTC cadets are electrical engineering, computer engineering, meteorology, nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. Scholarship applicants selecting these majors might receive priority in the scholarship selection process.

    I heard from a friend that if you're majoring in one of these, you automatically win a scholarship if you meet minimum requirements? How true is this?

    Also how much does the selection board differ? Do your chances really go up? I'm very interested in working in all of these fields, so I will be very happy with CE or NE as my majors.

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    Nov 6, 2014
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    No. AFROTC scholarships are separated into "technical" and "non-technical" majors. Generally 80% of scholarship goes to technical (STEM) majors. Because it's a national board, meeting minimum requirements will NOT cut it. You do not automatically win because of majors. That'd be a lot of scholarships to hand out but no money!

    Choose a major that you WANT to. Worst thing is losing a scholarship, getting stuck at a school you can't pay without it, and being miserable after switching majors.

    Idk what you mean by selection board but generally you are reboarded if you are on the cusp of different types of scholarships including type 7 to nothing. (You can research the different types of scholarship on your own.)

    Getting a scholarship is not easy, it changes each year. I heard all majors are available to apply for including basket weaving (not that smart)
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    First, I was :yikes:
    Than I became :hammer: to your friend.

    There is absolutely NO guarantee regarding being AWARDED (winning) a scholarship in ANY major. Overall, the AFROTC scholarship selection rate is 16-19%.
    ~ Pure number it has always been @900 nationally out of 5K+ boarded.

    Does your bud know the difference between a type 1 and 2, 2 and 7? Does he know that for a type 1, only 5% are awarded, and if they are non-tech, they are 5% of that 5%?

    My guess is IF you have a 36 BEST SITTING, pass your PFA, strong ECs and major in a STEM degree you will be guaranteed a scholarship, BUT if you say your super (AFROTC does not superscore) is 27, even as a stem, I would not say you should count on it.
    ~ Type 7 is usually best sitting 29+ avg.

    Did your friend also tell you the Devil for AFROTC scholarships?
    ~ It is what we call here 2+2. It may say say 4 yrs., but if not selected as a sophomore in college to attend SFT (summer field training), they can disenroll you...that selection board has no clue which cadet is on scholarship, and which cadet is is "masked"

    Total BS flag.

    I am with STevenson...major in what you will love, but I will take it out to a different aspect. AFROTC has never commissioned 100%...if you can't afford to attemd without the scholarship from AFROTC..don't!
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    Study what you want.

    I started with civil engineering and realized I wasn't that good at math...fortunately my school has something called digital media design, which doesn't require a great deal of math, and I'm good at it. The AF considers it a tech major as well, which is great. If you start with a certain tech major and want to switch to a different one, it really won't be a problem at all. The AF is very amicable to that as long as it doesn't affect your fiscal year. All tech majors are now 5 year by default unless you are a superstar and your cadre allow you to finish in 4 years.

    Finally, I would recommend going to a college if you have the AFROTC scholarship...

    I couldn't afford school without it, but as long as you work hard in ROTC and keep your grades up, you'll get into field training...if you're tech and have above a 3.0, 95+ PFA, and a good commander's ranking, I don't see why you wouldn't get in.
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    Thanks for your detailed reply. Idk why my friend said those things then haha.
    My SAT is a 1500 (out of 1600) and a 2200 total.
    I'm actually in the USAR right now. The main benefit with getting a scholarship is the contract; I can seperate from the Reserves and simply be in ROTC full time.
    I can pay for college on my own, again the main thing I want is a contract so I can attend AFROTC instead of being in the reserves.
    Don't get me wrong - I love being in the Reserves, it's just that I very much want to participate in AFROTC.
    Here's a list of my ECs and grades if you can possible maybe chance me?

    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Cisco Network Certification
    IBM Cloud Certified Expert
    Royal Conservatory level 5 Classical Guitar Certification
    Jazz Ensemble Guitar Player
    Designed Websites for businesses
    Started a NPO for villages in 3rd world countries to have access to tablets for education, along with training
    Varsity Track Letter Winner
    300 Community Service Hours
    Civil Air Patrol (very active in my squadron)

    Class Rank Not available
    AP Classes: European history, French, Physics 1, Physics 2, Computer Science, Government
    scores 3-5
    GPA: UW 3.6 W 3.9 (All As in semesters except for one semester sophomore year where I got admitted into the hospital and all my grades dropped alot. I'm not making excuses but that's that.)
    Good Letter of Recs


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