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    Good morning everyone!

    It has just been informed by CoC that basically the SFT selection rate is so high this year, almost everyone will get a slot. However, because this is the case, he wants to "weed" out those who are on the borderline. As a result, there will be a test, an evaluation consisting of a 5K run, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, a written test, etc.

    How common do detachments do this? I know it's because they believe some of the 200s don't deserve to go, and they're even thinking of dropping 1 or 2 "lazy" POCs to set an example.

    Can they do this? I would be extremely upset if I got a SFT slot and didn't pass this midterm evaluation.
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    When it comes to tests I'm fairly sure cadre can do nearly anything they want as long as its within the guidelines set out by the Holm Center Training Manual.

    I'll tell you that at my detachment or the detachments of my flightmates at FT, no one has done this.

    Consider this though, to go to Field Training, cadets first need to be nominated for the slot by the commander. The commander's job is to make sure these cadets are mentally and physically fit enough to become officers in the Air Force. That being said, your commander needs to get to know who he or she is sending to Field Training so that he/she is sending the right person. What I'm trying to say is that if your commander wasn't handing out nominations, this wouldn't be a problem. Then again, I could be completely wrong.
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    In the ADAF this is called a mini-board and it happens all the time. The big difference is that in ADAF they just check the square Do Not Promote instead of Promote or Def. Promote. It is their way to "weed out", thus this is not uncommon at all.

    A few years back it was very common for CoCs to hold a mini-board before sending the names up. It is strange that they waited this long to perform this action.
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    This should not be the case at all. Detachment commanders are not supposed to use selection for SFT as a screening process:

    8.7. Detachment Screening Process. Screen applicants to determine their motivation toward pursuing an Air Force commission. Do not nominate unqualified or unmotivated applicants. Do not use the PSP process as a screening process for selection. That is, if detachments believe a cadet should not be enrolled in the POC, make the cut; do not use the PSP as the go/no-go decision.

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