AFROTC Rated EA Question


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Apr 7, 2016
So I'm an AS300 who got a CSO slot recently and I have a question. Before FT I told my previous det commander I wanted to shoot for ALO, and he made it sound like if I took a rated EA I'd have a much better chance of going to FT so, respecting his insight, I went with a rated EA. When I came back we had a new commander and I was told I had 2 windows per year to apply for ALO, so I figured I would do everything I could to make myself a better candidate and apply later. Once rated slots came out I found out I got a CSO slot and had to sign for it, the way they put it was if I didn't sign I'd be investigated for disenrollment, so I signed cause I didn't want to get the boot, even though I expressed what I wanted to do.

I never got a straight answer about applying for ALO now and was wondering if I still can while in ROTC or once I go on AD? And how would I go about the process?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm starting to feel like I may have been pigeonholed.
Talk to your CC, I believe special ops/critical manned fields will remove you from your cso obligation and I believe ALO is critical. Unfortunately you chose to go for a rated EA with no intention of going rated first so now you have to deal with that decision (not trying to be mean). They are really the only ones who can help you, dig in the regs, make phone calls etc. It will take work but I don't see it as undoable. Lastly, as far as on AD it'd be years before you could transfer unless you get DQd from flying or training.