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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Lahey, Apr 1, 2016.

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    hello all,

    i received some very good news today! I won a type 7 scholarship for afrotc!! Although i am very excited, I would also like to prepare for the future. I know that for AROTC there is a pfa that one must pass before the scholarship is allowed to be used. Does AFROTC have something similar? If so, where can I find this info? (I read the winner pdf's and it was just stating important dates and procedures for transfers - google was pulling up the pfa for the scholarship itself). I also just filled out the acceptance for my scholarship online, and unlike AROTC - the interface isnt letting me see anything!! :( I cant see whats pending or whats not pending - or whats been accepted.

    Will they let me know when my school choice is approved? Will they also ask me what major I have - I havent filled this information out - there was no where to put it.

    thanks so much guys,
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    My DS email said any major and any public school that he is considered "in state" for. For out of state or private m,you can convery it to a three year type 2. Is that what you are asking?
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    ~ You must pass it to contract. It is the same as AROTC.
    ~~ You will need to pass all aspects. You can max the run, but fail the push up portion, and that equals failing the exam.
    ~~~ Use this summer to train, especially your sit up and push up form. This is usually where kids take a hit since the instructors are not going to be lax on the form like your coach may have been when you took the PFA.
    2. You should receive notification if it is tech or not.
    ~ IOWS, what did you put down as your intended major? STEM aka tech. Don't assume that it is an any intended major if you placed only tech majors.
    3. You will inform them of your intended major.
    ~ Paperwork will come soon enough
    4. AFROTC scholarships are tied to the cadet, not the school, as long as the college is on the approved AFROTC list you are good to go. No need to ask HQAFROTC for a transfer/approval to a school, only converting from a type 7 to a 2, or tech to non-tech.
    ~ Caveat, since you are a type 7, IF the college charges you more than IS tuition, than you will need to convert it to a 3 yr type 2. However, it is not like AROTC where the scholarship is tied not only to the cadet, but the school too.
    ~~ IE: If you live in Maine, intend to attend TAMU, and have a 1K scholarship, TAMU will charge you IS. AFROTC will allow you to use it as a 4 yr type 7, you don't need their approval to use it at TAMU, nor convert it to a 3 yr type 2. AFROTC could not care less if 100% or 0% are on scholarship at TAMU. A/NROTC does care the number of cadets/mids on scholarship at TAMU.

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