afrotc scholarship: help! how eligeable


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Dec 8, 2008
okay here is the story:
i have a gpa around 3.5 unweighted.
i play track,tennis,volleyball,football and basketball, and was captain for all except football
i take ap classes, even as a freshmen
i am a sophmore now and a captain in my afjrotc
i want to be a psych for the air force
even after all the stuff i do phsyically, i can't lose weight, i think it's a medical problem:eek:
even though i can do my mile and the push ups and sit ups

my grades aren't so hot, yeah.
I'm studying for my act/sat
and my SASI/ASI will write recommendations

what do i have to do to get this scholarship?

I need it badly!
oh yeah... and what is field training like?
holy hell! you are way ahead of the curve!

you're resume already looks a crapton better than mine does now (except academics, but 3.5 is still solid), and I've gotten the NROTC scholarship offer and an appointment to the AFA.

trust me, keep all that up, work on your grades, and the services and colleges will be fighting over you. :biggrin:

best of luck!
Thanks... but

what did you do to get the NROTC scholarship....?

and what made you do navy?