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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Stevenson, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Nov 6, 2014
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    Hello SA,

    I just submitted everything and they said they will contact me to schedule an interview! I'm a little nervous but at the same time excited. I have a few questions about it so if you can provide me with some answers, it'd be really helpful!

    1. Generally, what type of questions are asked? I do realize that none of you people sit on the board and do these interviews but will it be questions like "Why do you want to join?" or "What is your achievement?"

    2. How do I dress? I've been hearing multiple ways but I don't want to be too formal yet too loose.

    3. Do they ask about politics or anything about our views on the government?

    4. Do I have to bring anything significant or just myself?

    Thank you guys!
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    Nov 29, 2014
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    Hello Stevenson I had my interview a couple months ago. I can tell you about my interview in general but I'm sure yours will be different in some ways.
    1. My questions focused a lot on me as a person, like what are your biggest successes and failures? Describe the leadership roles you have held. Why do you want this scholarship? What are your future plans?
    2. I would dress nice, dress pants, dress shoes, button up shirt. Check out other threads on the forum there is a lot of advice on this.
    3. My AFROTC interview did not talk about government or views at all but... I have had interviews for the SAs that did discuss issues about where the government should put its military focus in the coming years. Just research general questions asked in the interview and be prepared to answer those.
    4. I brought a copy of my transcript and resume in a nice folder. It also doesn't hurt to bring a pad of paper and pen. Maybe have a few questions jotted down before you get there.
    Anyways, good luck! It's not as scary as it seems and it's good that your excited!
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    Every interview is different. There has been almost every question possible asked starting from your favorite music to what would you do if you knew someone cheated.

    The average questions are the tried and true ones. Why the AF? What are your career plans? What do you enjoy doing outside of school? How you have overcome a negative experience?

    My DS was asked govt/military questions, but his intended major was govt and international relations. It was also a follow up question. The first question was what book he was reading outside of the classroom. He was at that time reading Black Hawk Down.

    Why the AF? You answer because when I was ten at school we had career day and I remember a pilot coming. He talked about what his day was like as an F15 pilot. ..... The follow up is going to probably be what if you don't get pilot, but RPA?

    Another candidate may say cyber and their follow up may be something about what do they think is the greatest threat from hackers....someone like Snowden or a country like China?

    The point is these interviews are very organic and will take a life of its own. My advice is to think about the conversations you have already had with the folks when you told them you wanted to go AFROTC. I am pretty sure they asked you the big questions.

    The interviewers know you are 17. They don't expect you to be able to solve the problems of the world or predict your future.

    As far as what to wear, Royal has it right. Simply put, Sunday best.

    Also, take the transcript and resume in a folder.

    Finally, if given the opportunity to ask wuestions, you should use the opportunity because in two years you will be up for Field Training. If on scholarship and not selected the scholarship will be revoked.

    Questions I would ask are:
    1. What was the avg cgpa for your intended major to be picked up for SFT? IE, govt major
    2. What was the percentage of cadets picked up for your career goal? Intel will be a different rate than pilot.
    3. If you want to be a pilot, what was the avg cgpa for that?
    4. What was the percentage that got pilot?
    5. Do they have military organizations like Arnie Air, Silver Wings, etc? How many cadets partake in these groups?
    ~~ It will give you an insight into seeing what life will be like socially for you, and they will know that because most candidates don't know about those organizations until they get there.

    I also would strongly suggest if you have not done it yet, when you do the school tour, contact the unit prior and ask to meet with the CoC, and if you could meet with some C3C/4Cs the reason why is every unit is unique and by asking the same 5 questions to each unit, your final decision on where to attend may change. Our DSs did. He fell in love with the campus, but after hanging with the cadets for an hour, talking about their ROTC experiences there while playing Xbox in the cadet lounge he was sold. Left the lounge, met Dad at the Student Union and asked if they could go to the Bursars to pay his deposit.

    You might fall in love with the campus, but what if the CoC said only 40% of cadets got picked up, but at your number two college choice they said 65% got picked up with the same cgpa, would you change your mind? What if when you talked to some cadets you just didn't feel like you fit, but at the other college it was natural.

    College for ROTC cadets is as much academics as it is ROTC and most will also socialize with them after class. Our DSs lounge always had cadets hanging in it, whether they were studying for a class or just hanging, it creates a bond and that in turn slowly becomes their social circle.

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