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    Hi all,

    So I am making a plan B if on the extreme off chance I am sent home during basic from injury. I know this doesn't happen often, but I feel the need to have a solid plan B if somehow how it did.

    So the question is, should I accept my AFROTC scholarship (non-binding) just in case this circumstance happens, and should I reject it and offer it up to someone who probably wants/needs it? According to the website, it says "Once you enlist (i.e., enroll and sign a formal contract) in an ROTC program of another service branch or military academy, however, you forfeit your Air Force ROTC scholarship." Any past experiences you have had with this is appreciated. Thanks.
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    My understanding, which matches what you state above, is that once you report to the academy (and contract day 1) you will lose your AFROTC scholarship. However, you might put a deposit down at the school you hope to attend, that has AFROTC, as a backup to injury. You would be on the hook for tuition if yo had to attend, but you could still participate in AFROTC. At least you would have a place to attend school in the fall. Of course, being a professional you would inform that college you will not be attending at the appropriate time. Some schools don't like this but it can be done.
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