AFROTC Scholarship Tech Credit Issue


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Jan 29, 2013
Good evening folks,

Haven't been on here in a while. Anyhow, I'm an AS400 going nonrated, commissioning in May, and have been on the HSSP scholarship. Anyhow, I have a nontechnical degree, and understand the need for the 24 tech credits or 12 foreign language.

However, in my 200 year, I was told by a now retired cadre member that my biology classes, earth sciences, etc all counted, and that I was well over the 24 tech credits.

Sadly, today I was informed that I am 9 credits away due to biology classes not counting, and that it was their mistake. My current cadre is going to see what they can do, as this was not my fault; I was shown (and there is a great deal of documentation) that these credits would count.

Worse case scenario is I just take summer classes this summer and commission in August, but I've really been looking forward to graduating and commissioning with my class.

Just wondering if anyone has any guidance or has been in this situation.

I know when my DS commissioned there was a cadet that was short 2 classes (6 credits) he was allowed to participate with everyone, but it was more of a practice run (no paperwork, nothing in the folder). They did it again once they graduated for real in Aug., but the May was just so he could have the pageantry with the rest of his class.

His commission date was Aug., and of course his EAD was Dec. after all the May grads were ADAF.