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Sep 21, 2007
Well, as many others have done, I did apply for a scholarship for afrotc. A while ago I finished all of the required stuff, paperwork and interview, and then the idea came to me to check the website to see if anything has happend. On it was this.

"Your application met the board and you were not selected for a scholarship. However, based on your rank on the board, your application will be meeting the next board. You will be receiving written confirmation via mail within the next few weeks. "

I understand the first part, but what do they mean when they say that my application will be meeting the next board? Does this mean that I'm in between and they are considering it later since I'm close or what?
My son received an AFROTC last year. The first board met and he did not receive a scholarship. The second board met and that is when he was notifed that he received a 4 year type 2.

From his HS there were 4 scholarship winners.
The Dec. board 1 guy URM, NCAA (now) athlete received type 1 four year.
Jan board my son recieve his type 2 four year and Feb. board 2 scholarships--one type 2 four year and one type 7 three year.

The majority of the Dec. were type 1s.
Jan. majority were type 2 four years
Feb. majority were type 7 four years
March most were type 7 three year.

The great thing about AFROTC is you can take that to any school you choose.
Wait.. I checked my status last week, and they said I got a scholarship. Are the chances high that the scholarship will be a Type 1 four year? If so, that would be awesome! I was worrying for the longest time.
if I'm thinking right, then I have a high probability that I'll be getting some scholarship then later on, but not type 1. I know that I'm competitive with my grades/leadership/activities etc., so I wonder if they are holding me for a type 2 or 7, since I stated to them that I would use it at the University of Delaware (tuition is $7,000, also the college gives free room and board for rotc scholarship recipients).
From afrotc website:
"The University of Delaware will offer full room and board for all 3 and 4 year scholarship recipients. "

Thus it would be economical and more feasible to just give me a lower scholarship since thats all I need, while they can give type 1 to someone going to a more expensive college. Would this make sense?
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I got the package. It is a four year Type 2. I can easily say that 15,000 tuition a year won't do me any good. The schools I applied to, I believe.. were around 35,000 a year.. or so.. Is there any way you can get the scholarship division reconsider? I absolutely have no idea how it works.. but my SAI mentioned that you can roll scholarships over.. (whatever that means)
Question: Can you talk to the AFROTC detachment at a certain school and persuade them to offer you a full ride? How much influence do they have? I know AROTC has a lot of flexibility, but Im not so sure about the Air Force.
EG...I am just seem to have appointments everywhere...what do you really want to do? I thought your dream was USMA, and you have that now, don't you?
Yes. I have a Letter of Assurance, still haven't received the appointment in the mail yet, which is making me nervous. Thats the only thing I have. I gave up my Marine NROTC scholarship before break, but have decided to hold onto my AFROTC scholarship a couple weeks longer.
Remember they were closed for two weeks at Christmas, and you do live on the other side of the world. Give the USPS a chance!
If you weren't offered a scholarship after the first board selection, should you send a letter to headquarters to reiterate your qualifications and interest? Or do you think that would be fruitless at this point?
My son did not receive any communication from or send anything from the time he sent his packet into the board. He just went to his interview at Howard Univ. when the appointment was made. He was offered a scholarship in Jan. 07 and first found out from a Unit Officer not a letter from the board.

If you have some big award or you have been named Capt. of a sports team then send an update but otherwise I would just sit tight.

Just remember if you don't get one you can always join a unit and compete for a scholarship in-college.
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