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AFROTC Scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by DrDinosaur, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. DrDinosaur

    DrDinosaur New Member

    Apr 18, 2015
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    Hi, I'm interested in an Air Force ROTC scholarship. I'm looking for a type one scholarship. I have a 4.0 UW GPA and a 4.29 W GPA. I come from a small private school, so I'm taking the most advanced courses and doing as well as I possibly can, but the weighted GPA can't go higher. For SAT scores, I have a 2030 (720M, 680 CR, 630 W), but I'm taking it again, so they will go up. If I'm not mistaken, they only count the math and critical reading portions, so writing would not be counted? Like I said, my school is small, so there are very few opportunities that most students would have. My major will be in computer science (competitive). I volunteer for a local IT/computer nonprofit to help fix computers, set up networks, etc. I've volunteered at many robotics tournaments. I've been a student congress representative and vice president of the school for two years each. I've done well at the science fair. I've made it to the state science fair five straight years and have many awards from that. All from my high school years have been in computer science. I'm heavily interested in computer security, and I'm very good at it. I've done very well leading a team in CyberPatriot, a computer security defense competition. I've done other things in the field, including participating in a professional, local computer defense exercise, volunteering at a collegiate computer defense exercise, being awarded scholarships to the local computer security conference, and being a finalist for the US cyber defense challenge. I've also done robotics my freshman year, and have led a team for a local quiz bowl/trivia competition that's televised. I've done track all years. I plan on applying to the top (mainly public) colleges in computer science, including MIT (low chances, but a dream), Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UW Seattle, UT Austin, Michigan, and UIUC (maybe some more). Also, I believe I have to take some sort of fitness test. Are these results included as part of my application, and do they have some weight, or are they just simply to determine if I'm not grossly overweight/out-of-shape? I'm neither of those, but I'm sure the pushups, situps, and 1.5 mile run wouldn't be excellent unless I strongly worked on them. My father is an O6 in the Marines; would that have any effect? I don't think it would, but I've seen some people mention it, so I'm just curious if it would. I'm excited about joining and my future, and I think my personality traits and leadership qualities are there. What do you think my chances are? What should I work on? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. maxib7

    maxib7 Member

    Mar 5, 2015
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    Regarding the physical fitness test: https://www.afrotc.com/program-requirements/fitness Here is a chart to show the maximum score. Yes it does have an impact on your scholorship chances. It shows only the maximum requirements. (i.e if you run the 1.5 mile in 8 min it's scored the same as someone who runs it in 9 min). If I were you, I'd try to workout often and try to reach the maximums. It can only help you.

    Regarding the other things:
    - They take into account your gpa; however, it's weighted by how competitive your school is academically.
    - Your act/sat scores. I've never taken the sat so I don't know how good your score is, but for the act the average scores are stated here https://www.afrotc.com/scholarships/eligibility
    - Your physical fitness test
    - Extracurricular activities. They look highly upon leadership positions and sports.
    - Don't forget that you have an interview which comes into play as well

    I nor anybody else on this forum can "chance" you because every year it changes. One year it could be much harder to get in than the next. Who knows what next year will be like (I'm assuming your a Junior)
    Also one more thing. If your a Junior, they only count your gpa and extracurricular activities from up to your junior year (for example your senior year gpa will not be counted)

    Good luck to you! I'm also an AFROTC hopeful and a current Junior. As well as a hopeful computer science major
  3. maxib7

    maxib7 Member

    Mar 5, 2015
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    Almost forgot....

    If you do receive a scholarship, remember it's not a guaranteed for four years. Once you make it in you have 2 years then the summer after your sophomore year you go through what's called summer field training. There you will be assessed on... I can't remember the specifics so I leave it to someone else to explain (I don't want to give bad information). Nevertheless, after summer field training, you'll either be dis-enrolled from the AFROTC program or make it through. So it's basically a 2+2 (as Pima calls it) scholarship.

    Hope I didn't say anything incorrect in my posts. If I did, I'm positive someone will correct me.
  4. Pima

    Pima 5-Year Member

    Nov 28, 2007
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    1. AFROTC does not super score. It is best sitting
    2. If that is your best sitting, you are in the parameters for a Type 1, BUT... they only award @ 50 of 5000 boarded Type 1. It is national. Basically the chance of getting any AFROTC scholarship is @ 16-18% the same rate as getting an appointment to USAFA. 5% go Type 1, 15% go Type 2, and 80% go Type 7. 4 year Type 7 can be converted to a 3 yr. Type 2.
    3. Your academic record will be @60% of your score. Included in the transcript, the school will send their own profile.
    ~ The reason many posters do not place any weight into their answer for chance me when they read....4.0/4.29, is due to the fact that nobody knows the school profile. 4.29 out of 4.5 or 5.0? 7 point scale or 10 point for an A? They will take that profile from your school and rejig it to theirs, just like college admission boards.
    4. Your PFT will matter.
    ~ Bust one section and you bust the entire PFT for scholarship selection and contracting
    5. If you get any scholarship it will state tech or non-tech. If tech, and after a semester or a year you want to transfer to non-tech, you will need HQ AFROTC to approve, chances are slim that they will approve.
    6. AFROTC does not tie the scholarship to the college. All they care about is that the school accepts AFROTC.
    ~ IOWS they do not care if you go to MIT or University of Timbucktoo as long as both offer AFROTC or have a xtown unit that you can attend
    7. It is a 2+2 scholarship.
    ~ Max has it right. If you are not selected for SFT/EA as a 200, HQ AFROTC has the right to disenroll you.
    8. DoDMERB
    ~Too many HS students get wrapped around the scholarship, and think DoDMERB is just like a sports physical. For you it would be track. That is a fallacy.
    ~~ If you have had any issues after 13, start researching them now.
    ~~~Allergies/inhalers; multiple concussions; ADD/HD meds; vision deficiencies, etc. all will be listed on the exam. Get in front of it now if you know any one of these. By that I mean get your medical records in order.

    Finally the most important. Sit down with the folks. Let's assume you get a type 1, but once at MIT you can't meet the 2.5 cgpa min., or decide you have no desire to go AFROTC, how will you pay for school if you leave?

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