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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by LesakUSAFA, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Just completed my interview with the captain of the university I plan on attending. When should I plan on hearing back about the scholarship?
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    I don't remember if there is a Feb. board, but for some reason I believe if there is one they meet the 1st week of Feb. Results will be released a few weeks later,
    ~ Too lazy to look up the board dates.

    That being said, I believe there is no Feb. board, just a Dec., early Jan, early Mar. and the end of Mar.
    ~ You obviously would have missed the 1st two boards, leaving you only the early Mar. board. The end of Mar.are for the candidates that they decided to reboard from previous boards. End of March board is a reboarding board, not the last 1st look.
    ~~ IE if you went up in Dec., was not offered a scholarship, but high enough for a 2nd look, they will not reboard you in Jan. or early Mar., you were immediately placed into the end of March board where they reviewed everyone on their 2nd look list.
    ~~~ Not everyone gets a 2nd look.

    If there is a Feb. board, it is all going to depend on when the board is held. Typically, HQ AFROTC will give what is called a drop date for submission. It can be along the lines of 6-9 days prior to the board date. That means for you, if the board meets Feb 3-5th, and the interview was yesterday, you might be too late to meet the Feb board because they could not submit it in time.

    For class of 2021, when you interview, and they ask if you have any questions, this is the time to ask them what board they believe you will meet? Not trying to ding you Lesak, but every yr posters ask what should I ask them? It is important to understand this aspect.
    ~ Interview Tuesday before Thanksgiving...will they tie up your package before Thanksgiving, if not will that mean you will miss the Dec. board? Interview Dec. 16th, and the college goes out on winter break on the 18th, including ROTC staff, until Jan. 17th, but AFROTC board meets Jan. 10th, will they submit it before winter break, during winter break?

    Maybe it is just me, but there is nothing wrong with being in charge of your future, as long as you are approaching it in a respectful manner with knowledge.
    ~ Capt. Smith, I know that the board meets Dec 5th., I understand that Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow, Weds., Nov 22. with that in mind, you will come back on Mon. 27th, will I miss the Dec. board because by the time they process your rec. I am only a week out from when they meet?
    ~~ This says to them, that you know when the board will meet, accept that they too have a family and a life, while not saying/implying/inferring that they better get it done before they go on leave this afternoon. It is respectful, and reiterating what any AF officer at any ROTC unit already are in charge of your future.

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