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    Our son just returned from Max 3, no worse for wear and is looking forward to next year as a cadet. Just wanted to pass on a few tidbits to any underclassmen who review these boards.

    As you may have heard, selection to FT this year was a bit tougher than in the past (40-45% selection rate). Our son is not a scholarship cadet, and entered into the selection process with a 3.1 gpa, but still received an allocation for training. Why? He showed up to school in shape and stayed that way...And, he was fortunate enough to earn a high commander's ranking (50% of the criteria). What did he do to get it? Worked his butt off...volunteered for everything, fundraisers, community activities, you name it, joined AAS, went to ALL NON-mandatory formations, and met with the DET commander each and every time the opportunity arose.

    Our son was not a "top gun" or DG, but did finish in the top fifth of his camp, and much of the reason for that success was due to his involvement in the DET, to include AAS, and of course, staying in shape. He now heads back to school a much more confident cadet.

    Best of luck to the rising sophomores!
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    Congrats to your DS.

    Thank you again for reiterating to everyone that the slate is wiped clean at college!

    For non-scholarship recipients you can beat out scholarship cadets/mids when it really matters.

    For scholarship cadets Don't think you can now coast because you got a scholarship!

    OBTW graduating top 1/5th will help him since the OML awards points are based on your class ranking out of Maxwell. I won't swear by it, but I believe it is separated into:

    ~ Top 10%
    ~ Top 20 or 25%
    ~ Top 1/3rd
    ~ Top 50%
    ~ Below 50%

    Nick4060 could probably give the real breakdown.

    If he wants rated that rank is going to be a big issue.

    For other posters, our DS's class had 10 out of 10 get rated, not all got UPT, and if you go by the stats, @70% were non-scholarship. Nick's school (VT got 11/11) for rated, and I am positive he will say the same thing regarding % for non-scholarship.

    Again, good luck, and thank you to your family, and your son for stepping up to defend this country.

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