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    Hi all,

    I am going to be starting college this fall with a type 2 AFROTC scholarship at the University of Maryland. I was wondering if this summer, my senior year, there is a program that I have to go through for ROTC or if my career starts at the beginning of school?

    Thanks all!

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    Usually nothing until school starts. However, you should contact the AFROTC Detachment at the University of Maryland and advise them that you will be joining their Detachment. They will advise you of anything they need in advance. You might also want to PM Pima. I believe her son graduated from that Detachment.

    Good Luck!:thumb:
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    Make sure you contact your det to be sure, but my ROTC career started the first week of school; as a senior, I can say that perhaps considering taking a few gen-ed classes at your local community college that can transfer to your university might be a good idea. That way, you have a little more time to really get into the swing of ROTC and school (and a job maybe!). I would definitely suggest that, and take a look at to see what classes can transfer from where to where.
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    Congrats, I've been up to UMD for a conference and that place is gorgeous, they have really well defined programs too (their foreign language flagship program for example is well worth checking out), specific dorms for different majors. I think I asked this but I don't remember if have dorms for ROTC cadets or not, worth checking into. AFROTC doesn't have a summer program before, but most Dets have some form of New Cadet orientation that takes place in the summer before school starts. Generally it's close enough to the time when all OOS students have arrived. Usually that's where you get to bring your parents and they tell you what AFROTC's all about, what you need to make sure you do before school starts, and have a Q&A with current cadets who consist of a good mix of upper and lower classmen so you can get a good variaty of perspectives. Then the future cadets leave their parents to continue questioning the cadets and cadre and go get weighted and measured and go fill out a bunch of paperwork, everyone gets to start making their own personnel file, there's more paperwork for scholarship awardees so you're there longer. Then it's over but you get to go stick around to ask more questions if you want.

    This is how my Det does it at least, there's a lot of paperwork to get done so it would make sense to do that before school starts as opposed to taking up an entire LLAB to do it.

    It was a good suggestion to try to take some transferable summer classes if you can, don't front load your first semester, there's still plenty of time to do that in the Spring, but 1st semester bad grades kill a lot of new cadets who are dealing with ROTC and difficult majors while taking 7 classes. Don't do that to yourself. Grades matter. If your grades suck, you can't stay in ROTC. Don't take that 2.5 scholarship minimum as a reason to have below a 3.0, you still need to be competitive to be selected to go to Field Training summer after your sophomore year. And AFROTC factors in grades you received from any credits you earned through dual enrollment or a summer community college even if UMD doesn't, so if you did well it will boost your gpa when you go up for and enrollment allocation (EA) to FT, if you do poorly it will bring down your grade. If you use Freshman Forgiveness, know that AFROTC doesn't accept that and they will factor in the failing grade and bring down your gpa for your package.

    Another thing is WORK OUT. We had about 8 or 10 scholarship cadets come in the fall. 4 or 5 of us passed the first time for the PFA. It's not like these guys were unfit, there were a lot of hard core runners that could max the run time, but CORRECT pushups were a struggle for them, situps also. I did Insanity over the summer to prep for it and it really helped me, dad used to be in the Marine Corps and I had him check my form so I didn't have any pushups not count for my PFA, situps were never a problem for me because I did them (both army and air force way) for years before high school and during. Highest I did for those on a detachment recorded PFA was 70 situps in a minute, all correct. But AF doen't give extra points for going over max so after that I do max and just slowly keep doing them until time is up. A good tip is to push both on the way up and on the way down, makes you complete them faster than if you just let your body fall. Just make sure you get somebody to check your form that knows what their talking about, PE teachers and coaches are generally not a good source on that. Ex-military is preferred.
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    Our DS is a UMDCP alumni (2012l. Unless things have changed UMD is very simple process. You sign up for AFROTC at orientation for UMD freshman.

    Between orientation and the end of summer they will send you more paperwork with specifics.

    UMDCP DOES NOT have ROTC specific dorms, Their system only has specific dorms for scholars, gemstone and honors. My guess as a type 2 you probably are at least in Gemstone.

    The ROTC orientation is done just a few days prior to school starting. If I recall correctly, it syncs with when the scholars, gemstone, and honors dorms open. Those dorms open before the traditional dorms. If you are not in one the specialty programs, contact housing and explain the situation. DS as a sophomore opted to live in New Leonardtown with Det buddies, and they allowed them to move in early. I believe they got a letter from the det saying they needed to be there prior to UMDCP move in date.
    ~~~ Trust me if you can do this, yo want to move in before the non-specialty dorms move in. The campus becomes a hu,an parking lot that day.

    As far as Det 330 goes, I am biased {Bullet and DS both commissioned out of this unit). They had when DS was there a great program regarding mentoring. 300s at the beginning of the semester were assigned 100s. They would be their mentors for 2 years, until the 100 became a 300. It allows the young cadet to speak privately with the cadets for guidance and support.
    ~ DS still jokes about how he was by name requested by two cadets. The CoC agreed on one, but not the other. Throne that they denied was due to the fact that DS knew them for years. They felt it would be better that a person that didn't know them become their mentor to give another view. The one they allowed actually was/is a poster here. The 300s give a little history of themselves, the cadet came up and asked point blank, are you Pima's DS? Imagine his shock that a cadet knew who he was with just the info...I am a military brat, Dad flew the 15E, I am poli-sci major and applying for rated.

    At our DSs winging yesterday, he told us that this cadet was giving to be at UPT at Laughlin, and how he thought for this year LAFB was going to be UMDCP2.0 since many of them are going there. He is still friends with UMDCP cadets that were 100s when he was a 300.

    UMDCP also has won the best large unit in the nation in 08 and 12. I don't know about the past two years since he graduated, but usually when they are on the radar the CoC is going to do everything to keep going up for those awards.

    A couple of insights from a parents perspective.
    1. Be prepared for mandatory volunteering cleaning of Byrd Stadium at least twice during the fall.
    ~~~ This is how they make money. It is done on Sunday and 100% attendance is expected.
    2. Repeat during the Basketball season.

    3. If you do not know by now, they have multiple different military fraternities. Arnie, Silver, Angel, Honor....I think I am missing one. IOWS it is a very active det. When we went to his senior graduation dining out, I think it would not be an exaggeration to say 85%+ wore a forge for one of these organizations.
    ~~~ Take the fall and investigate each one.

    4. If they still do it, they have a GMC night in the cadet lounge. They order in pizza, watch a video, play Xbox, foosball or crud.
    ~~~~ The more you are involved the more IMPO you will gain. Like I said, DS is 2 years out and he is still friends with cadets commissioning in May.

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