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    I am just putting this out there as a reminder, because typically this is where problems arise.

    DodMerb physicals are only good for 2 yrs. If you took it in Aug of your rising SR yr, got a Type 7 and converted to a Type 2(3 yr). Chances are your DodMERB is no longer good. Make sure you have a new physical on record.

    If you did it in Oct. you should be fine for contracting.

    Bring with you:

    Original Birth Certificate
    ~~~Folks, he/she will need to keep it until 1st day of ROTC, so send them with a FedEX/UPS/USPS pre-paid envelope to return it after they are done with it. Kids can easily lose it if you wait for them to bring it back home or go to buy an envelope.

    SS card
    ~~~ Rule of thumb it should not be laminated

    Voided Check
    ~~~ This for their book allowance and stipends.

    I can't recall if our DS needed a 2nd proof of I.D. for citizenship, such as passport. I do know as ironic as it may seem his military I.D. was not accepted by his college as proof of citizenship. Unfortunately they did not take his DL, because our state does not require proof of citizenship for DLs.

    Just check in with the det. prior to leaving the house for move in day.

    Understand that it will be Oct 1st at the earliest before they get paid. So if you think that on Sept 1 they will get paid and are not giving them spending money because of the stipend your child will be feeling the pain.

    For our DS's school, the book allowance is not repaid until late Oct. Don't start freaking that they haven't paid you back yet. Additionally remember it is 450 and 450, if you spend 900 thinking that all 900 will come back, you will be in the whole for 450.
    ~~~Students you must submit your book receipt. Don't lose it!
    ~ Key wording on the scholarship is UP TO!

    Things to take with you:
    1. Frogs ---not the ribbitting kind. These are little gold backings (think posts for earrings) that hold your name tag and ranks for your covers in place. They are tiny and when you do your laundry they will drop on the floor, leaving you to scour everywhere with no avail.

    ~~~ They come in bags and cost a few bucks.

    2. Black socks for guys
    ~~~ Socks love to go AWOL between the dirty laundry you put in the washer and the clean you pull out of the dryer!

    3. Tide to Go pens
    ~~~ They will be your savior...that drill sergeant commercial is funny, but also true about how great the work.

    4. Shirt garters
    ~~~ They will allow the blues shirt not to ride up. Hence, about inspection score.

    5. Niagara Spray Starch
    ~~~ Most cadets will not wash their shirts as often as they should, so if you are going to be one of them, this will help because it will keep the creases longer than if you just ironed it.

    6. Ironing board
    ~~~ A must!

    7. Shoe edging at least, preferably a shining kit
    ~~~ Shoes are inspected.
    ~ Older cadets usually buy Corframs, they know that they will take a hit over the leather shoes, but find it worth it since to polish Corframs all it requires is Windex.

    8. White T's
    ~~~ Southern boys wear white tees everyday under their polos, but Northerner's typically don't. Buy them.

    9. Black Umbrella
    ~~~It will rain, and umbrella's are not supplied by ROTC

    10. Safety pins/sewing kit
    ~~~ Buttons on their Blues (service jacket) will fall off, and unless they are sewers, the easiest way for them to keep them on is using a safety pin until they can find someone to teach them how to thread a needle, or bring it home to Mom.

    11. Barbers razor --- optional.
    ~~~ If your DS keeps their hair short, it maybe worth buying this because most cadets will get their hair cut @ every 3-4 weeks. 15 bucks a pop and you can be looking at 150 in a yr. The razor costs about 50.

    ~ Don't do this if you don't try at least 1x at home.
    ~ Typically there is always one guy that brings it.

    Military parents:
    1. Go to the military clothing store and buy;
    ~ A. PT gear --- their PT shorts and shirts are identical to the AD. We sent DS with an additional shirt, didn't buy shorts, pants or jacket.
    ~ B. Shirts/pants --- same as above, but also bought pants too.
    ~ C. Corframs
    ~ D. Flight cap
    ~ E. Additional name tag

    If you are not a military parent, but have a connection to get the blues, be aware that hemming the pants are not traditional to suits. It is actually called a military hem. The front over the toe is higher compared to the heel of the shoe. Don't get them hemmed unless they do this. College campuses with ROTC units will know what that means.

    I know for our DS's college he is close to an AFB, and typically the ROTC cadets with military IDs will take them on base...with a toll of pay the gas!
    ~~~As a POC you get a military ID. (JR in college). Military dependents will have them even as a freshman.

    One last thing which is already too late I am sure, but check with the Unit regarding the OS they use. DS bought an Apple, and a yr later got a Toshiba because the ROTC unit he is in uses Microsoft programs that became a pain in the arse to convert from Apple to Microsoft.

    Hope that helps you all.

    Feel free to add on the list.

    I am sure for girls they will want to add on
    1. Hair accessories to stay in regs
    2. Hosiery issues
    3. Tricks to fit their blouses

    Good luck

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