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    I will be a freshman next year using my AFROTC scholarship. Am I still allowed to re-apply for a NROTC scholarship? My heart is set on the Navy.
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    What type of scholarship? In other words will you be contracted? Type 7 converted to 2, will not make you contracted.

    I don't know about how it works if you are contracted, I would suggest you pull out the paperwork you signed to see the legal commitment.

    I know many freshman that change branches, so it does occur, I just don't know the penalty.

    DS had a friend who went to SFT as a scholarship recipient. He decided it wasn't his thing. AF released him, but also handed his family a bill for the scholarship money. College placed a financial lock on his account until they cleared the debt.

    Horror story? Yes, but it happened just this past yr. Times are tight for the DOD re:budget. They aren't just handing out money willy nilly, they have expectations. Those expectations are connected to their manpower needs.

    You can def. change, but I would strongly suggest to read the fine print. Contact the NROTC CC to see what your chances are of getting an IS. I would get all of my ducks in a row before I used the AFROTC scholarship. It is easier to walk on non-scholarship and take college loans for NROTC, than to go AFROTC scholarship and have to take personal loans to re-pay. Remember contracted get stipends and books, @ 5K on top of tuition.

    Take the time, and talk to NROTC, don't sugar coat the facts, or hear what you want to hear. If they say get a 3.2 and you have an 80% chance, understand you need a 3.2 and still 20% won't get it. If they say as an AFROTC scholarship cadet they may come after you for that 1st yr, take it as they will. The reason why is "may" doesn't mean they "won't". It is a dice roll and you need to be prepared that it will come up snake eyes.

    Good luck. Investigate, investigate, investigate! Pray for the best, be prepared for the worst.

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