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    I just received a Type 1 AFROTC scholarship today, however I have also received an appointment to USAFA and have accepted. Should I leave the scholarship on the table just in case something weird happens, as a back up? Thanks!
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    That is common to do (and I personally think smart).
    If you break your leg early June, no ASAFA, but youve got the summer to heal up for ROTC.
    Only thing you may need to do for that is put down the few hundred dollar deposit on the ROTC school in April/May.
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    +1 kronk

    Keep the scholarship as a backup plan. Not just because if you break a bone, but if you look over the years there has been examples of kids getting there and tripping off the bus, twisting their knee before they took their oath they were then turned back. Also you will be given a quick medical exam once there... that broken bone in Feb. may be healed according to your doc, but not to their standards, and they will turn you back.

    I would also pay the deposit for a 2nd reason. Yes, you will lose the scholarship upon taking your oath at USAFA, but G forbid you miss 8 days during BCT you will be medically turned back. That means if you pay the deposit you still have that spot at college for the fall.
    ~ My advice is to call the school directly (bursar) and explain your circumstances. There are some schools that will say, we won't refund the deposit, and some that say as long as by X date (even July/Aug) because you informed us early on we will make an exception and refund that deposit.
    ~~ It never hurts to ask!

    This issue of keeping the scholarship or not when you have an appointment in hand is always a hot debate. Some feel that by holding onto it than you are taking away from someone else. Some feel (including me) that HQ AFROTC understands that not everyone will activate the scholarship....same as USAFA appointments.
    ~ USAFA in the last few years offer @1350 appointments, but expect 1150 to show up on I Day.

    If you accept that they (AFROTC) do the same, than you did not take a scholarship away from anyone because they already built into their equation that a specific % will not activate.

    Congrats. Thank you for wanting to defend this amazing nation.
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