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    i recently joined the AFROTC for my sophomore year (250). and this is probably the biggest step towards my dream goal to become a itel officer.
    i am fluent in russian and hebrew (lived in israel for 16 years). speak basic arabic and taking classes of it at my school. i am planing to major in math and minor in physics and computer science. i am 6 feet tall 170 pounds, masculine male. my current gpa is 3.0, but i am trying to raise it. i am taking summer classes and have signed up for the drill team at my school. i got almost perfect scores on the dry run we had for the push ups, sit ups, and 1.5 mile run.
    i just wanted to know if the fact that i speak 3 languages will help me to get closer to what i want to achieve.

    thank you for your attention:)
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    Are you asking if it will matter for SFT selection come next March regarding speaking 3 languages?
    ~ I believe currently there is no critical manning regarding those languages, so the answer would be not really. Plus , even if there was a critical manning issue your major is Math not foreign language, the board looks at majors.

    Out of curiosity how is it as a sophomore you are saying I am planning on majoring..... My three kids by sophomore year were pretty much down the path with very little wiggle room regarding changing majors without impacting their academic progression...I.e carrying more courses to catch up.
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    I speak multiple languages, including Russian and it had ZERO impact on me getting my AFROTC scholarship, field training slot, or selection for intel school. What will help you most is improving your GPA.

    Knowing foreign languages will help when you've been on active duty for several years and apply for some special assignment opportunities like Regional Affairs Strategist (RAS), but that's it.

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