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    Hello everyone,

    Currently I am going into my senior year of AFROTC and prospecting about the upcoming non-rated AFSC selection process when I return to school. It seems like such a short time ago that I was freaking out about whether I would get an EA to attend field training but now comes yet another exciting chapter in the AFROTC experience. In the Winter/Spring I decided against going for a rated position, as I have always been much more interested in the Intelligence, Space, Cyber, Airfield Operations, and Missiles career fields.

    That being said I have a few questions that I am hoping could be answered as I know most of my cadre from my Detachment are out for summer training opportunities. Of course I am a little nervous getting into one of the career fields in my top 5 choices, but needless to say I would be happy with almost any of the non-rated career fields assigned to me as an officer.

    1) I remember seeing a thread here about "FY '12 Commissioning AFSC Requirements" that listed all of the open positions that could be or maybe were assigned to AFROTC cadets. Does one exist for FY '14? Or where can I find this information for previous years?

    2) Like getting an Enrollment Allocation, how much do cadet stats (grads,ranking,test scores, etc...) determine career fields opposed to academic major studied (in non-engineering/medical fields)? There was also a sheet with the form 53 that requires a detailed overview of how many credits I took in sciences, math, physics, etc... how much does this come into play? I would really like to be a space operations officer but currently I am considered a "non-tech" science major but have taken a lot of natural science/math courses.

    3) Are there any good resources that indicate the competitiveness of certain non-rated career fields besides something like the "FY commissioning AFSC requirements?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Nick4060 should be able to answer the majority of your questions since he went non-rated class of 2012. Intel.

    I am just going to take a shot at some of it.

    1. There may not be a list of open AFSCs, because right now they are operating on the 13 FY, and you will be FY14.
    ~~~ No wet lomein noodles, just my guess that the list maybe posted in Oct.

    2. I believe all AFSCs (rated and non-rated) have the same formula, the only difference is for rated they substitute TBAS for AFOQT. I can't recall the break down, but my pea brain memory recalls it to include:
    ~ CGPA
    ~ PFT
    ~ AFOQT
    ~ SFT ranking
    ~ CoC ranking

    Biggest component was CoC.

    3. Don't have a clue regardng resources. Can only say for our DS's class and non-rated. Intel was the most popular choice.

    Good luck. PM Nick4060 becareful because there is another Nick here now and they post more frequently...I believe their moniker is Nick0726.

    To find the right Nick go onto after the military forum (SERE thread).

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