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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Moosestache, May 21, 2012.

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    My DS is a non scholarship student who is currently at Field Training. As long as everything goes well and he completed field training what is next?

    My understanding is that he is under no obligation to the USAF at this point, but he will have to sign up some time during his Junior year or drop out of the program. I think once he signs up, he will start collecting a monthly stipend along with money for books, is this correct?

    When is the best time for him to do this, right off, wait until school starts, or wait until part way through the semester.

    Also, there are "tests" that come up at some point, that he has a book for, any thoughts on when those will come up?

    Anything else we should be thinking about or he should be preparing for this summer?

    Thanks, boy it looks like its going to be hot down there in a day or two.
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    He should contract pretty much as soon as he gets back to school (they'll make sure of that). He will get a stipend while at field training by the way :thumb:

    As for tests, you're probably thinking about the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, or AFOQT. As soon as he gets back from field training he should start studying for that.

    A friend of mine gave me this a while back to help study for it. I haven't used it much yet, but as soon as I get back from field training I will:

    If your son is going for a pilot slot, he also needs to take the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS), which is basically a giant video game. They keep information on that locked down pretty well, but this is the best I could find:

    In competing for a pilot slot (and a 4-yr cadet), he needs to take the TBAS this fall. Before he takes the TBAS he has to take the AFOQT, so he needs to start preparing for that as soon as he gets back from field training.
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    He will have to contract 10 days before or after the 1st day of classes (20 day window).

    I'm not sure but I think the AFOQT needs to be taken before the end of junior year (our det is making us take them over the summer).

    Also, If I recall correctly the TBAS needs to be taken close to the end of December in order for a packet to go before the rated board in the spring.
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    One thing to realize is that the TBAS may be given during a very stressful academic time in your life (Finals). DS took his on a Friday, finals started on a Monday.

    This test is not something you schedule to take, the det. will schedule you, and at his college it is not done on campus, but at Andrews AFB at the education office. At Kevster's det only 1 cadet can test at a time. DS had 15 apply for rated. That is a lot of scheduling.

    If you have a PPL, or even some hours for a PPL take your flight log with you to the test. They actually give points for your hours. Like SFT/EA every point will matter, especially since a large bulk will be assigned to the TBAS score.

    The AFOQT score will not be used at all for rated, it is just the TBAS. The reason why they take both is rated board selection occurs 1st. If the cadet is not selected for rated, they will than vie for a non-rated slot and the AFOQT scores will be the criteria used for the OML.

    Good luck

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