Air Force Academy SS Question


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Jan 20, 2009
I just applied to the Summer Seminar a few days ago and I am wondering how I compare to previous candidates. My GPA is 3.97 and I am ranked 14/220. I have only taken the SATs once and got a 600 on the math, a 510 on the reading, and a 540 on the writing. I do plan to improve this score quite a bit due to my recent studying. What are some of your scores?

Also, what type of extracurriculars were you involved in? I am in FBLA and have made it to states twice. Also, I am the treasurer of the IT club at my school. I do not hold any class office positions. Also, The only work experience I have is voluteer work, though I plan to get a job within the next month. I have applied to two different governor schools this summer and I am hoping to get in.

How does this compare to candidates and anyone else?

i wouldnt worry about it, because those are excellent credentials. true, SAT not the highest, but this year there's three sections opening up for SS, so it should be slightly less competitive.
I got my acceptance email from the academy Friday, and your credentials are far better than mine. I have a 3.52, 29 composite on the ACT, and I'm 50/450 in my class. I'm also head drum major of our marching band, a Plt leader in JROTC, active in my school's FCA, and about to start my second year running track. As Luigi pointed out, some athletics would greatly benefit you; ya know, add a little beef to your already intimidating resume. Good Luck, hope to see ya in June! (choose session 3 so I can know more than one other person who will join me then =])
Wow, I could have sworn that FCA was something my school made up. Weird...

The town I live in is the buckle of the Bible Belt. But FCA is recognized worldwide as a leading christian youth organization in schools. I had planned on going to an FCA camp this June, but it interfered with the SS, so I had to opt out. but......... :topic: :biggrin:
have FCA here, too, along with dozens of any and every type of faith-based groups
My school just got FCA started. One year too late for me :( but at least it's gonna happen :thumb: