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    I know the AOG has ornaments, found a couple here as well.

    Coupon code 799 will give 4.99 discount.
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    Honestly, I would buy the WH ornanment instead. We have in our home a WH tree, it has fillers, like shepherds lamps from Turkey, but the rest are WH ornaments from the day Bullet entered AFROTC back in 1982. We purchased for family members too.

    They cost about 17 bucks, but they are a beautiful gift. Most of our ADAF friends also had the same tradition of every WH ornament from the yr they entered.

    I would purchase these ornaments instead if you want AF only:

    They will be less fragile than a glass ornament.

    OBTW, the WH ornament is the gift we give to our family (siblings, parents), and have for over a decade. One yr we didn't do it, and they squawked at us from disappointment. Once you see the amazing quality for these ornaments you will understand why people want them yr after yr, and why they are worth the cost.
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