Air Force Scholarship and Change of Major


Dec 24, 2015
So, I found out today that I was awarded an in college Air Force scholarship. I am currently a physics major and am thinking about switching to math. since they are both technical majors, would this be allowed? I've been told that switching between technical majors isn't that big of a deal, but I would like some other opinions. Thanks!
Check with the cadre at the school. When DS switched from engineering to computer science, he was told that majoring in 'Computer Systems and Network management' did not qualify, but Computer Science did.
I mean its switching to a normal math major. Which is on the list of technical majors. I would guess that it would be okay. But again I'm not sure.
Reply to the email you received from HQ AFROTC/RRUC at Maxwell. They can answer specific questions about majors.
uknown1961, I didn't get an email from AFROTC HQ. I was told by my cadre that I would be getting one. It's an in college scholarship.