Airport to Ft. Knox for LDAC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by leapyear, May 27, 2014.

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    DS is in first regiment for the new LDAC at Ft. Knox. Battalion gave him orders with flight arrangements to Louisville, but no mention as to what he should do when he gets there. I realize that no one yet knows how things will be done for Knox, but I told him that based upon my experience they will either have an Army desk at the airport, or someone there to meet the LDAC arrivals. Is that the way they did it in Washington for previous LDAC's?
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    They had a bus/van/horse and buggy et. pick up the cadets and take them to the base.

    Chances are he will see a lot of people carrying big green duffles with glazed looks in their eyes when he arrives at the airport, someone will most likely be there to round them all up.

    Since it's now in Kentucky, my money is on the horse.

    Now, CTLT can be a bit trickier.
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    Trust me, he'll know exactly what to do. I was at Knox about a week ago and went through the Louisville airport. They were constantly making announcements throughout the airport for LDAC/LTC cadre that were reporting on when/where to go and they have soldiers and signs posted throughout to point people in the right direction.

    There is a Ft Knox reporting office at the airport that they will probably be holding by, and then right outside of that is where they are staging the buses and trucks to take everyone and their bags to Ft Knox.

    Agree with Jcleppe on CTLT. That's its own beast with reporting.

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