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    Is there anyway to tell how competitve my district is (AK-AL)?

    This is the only district in Alaska. So everyone in the state applies to the same congressman.

    Thank you!
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    You can contact your ALO and ask him/her. They can tell you HOW MANY individuals from your state are applying to the academy. Most people apply to both senators and their representative. So being you only have 1 representative district, just like we do here in Wyoming, it could be tough depending on how many. In theory, if you had 30 people in the state applying, EACH could receive at least 1 nomination. (2 senators and 1 representative each have 10 slots on their slate). However; one of the senators or the representative could have more than 1 vacancy and could be putting in more than 1 slate.

    See how it can get complicated? The good news about being in a small populated state is: If you have a kick-butt transcript and application and are one of the best, you are almost guaranteed an appointment. However; if you're just average, it's more difficult because there may only be 3 total vacancies for your state that year. But no one here knows how competitive an area is.

    Even those who say Virginia, Texas, etc... are very competitive, are only speaking GENERALLY. There are districts in California for instance that has few if any applicants. So even though california is competitive, you could be in a district that only has 2-3 people applying to their representative. Basic rule of thumb is: If you live in an area that has a LOT of military, then it's probably very pro-military and much more competitive.

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